[WITHDRAWN] Run an OP Intern account

Mission Request made by JashFi and originally shared here.

Delegate Mission Request Summary:
To improve wide understanding and participation in Optimism Governance, I propose creating an Optimism Intern account on X and Farcaster that creates and distributes digestible content that simplifies understanding of complex topics and detailed processes. The engaging and straightforward tone of the “Intern” has proven to drive excitement and meaningful engagement for protocols and companies, and I believe it will be able to increase the overall understanding and participation of Optimism Governance.

S5 Intent Please list the Intent your Request aligns with here: Improve Governance Accessibility

Proposing Delegate: Brichis

Proposal Tier: Ember Tier

Baseline grant amount: 15k OP

Should this Foundation Mission be fulfilled by one or multiple applicants: One

Submit by: To be set by Grants Council

Selection by: To be set by Grants Council

Start date: February, 2024

Completion date: December, 2024


How will this Delegate Mission Request help accomplish the above Intent?

To help Optimism Governance become more accessible and progress towards more involvement across all the OP Chains, the OP Intern will produce engaging and simple content that makes complex topics, conversations, and detailed operations such as Law of Chains, Intents, Seasons, RPGF, and the OPerating Manual, simple to understand and participate in for existing and new Optimism Collective members.

The engaging and straightforward tone of the “Intern” has proven to drive excitement and meaningful engagement for protocols and companies; a great example is the

VanEck Intern , which made a legacy organization refreshing and interactive. The Intern gained 30.000 followers in the last 3 months, realized high engagement on their content, and increased the overall perception of VanEck from the Web3 industry.

What is required to execute this Delegate Mission Request?

To run a proper OP Intern account, one needs the right skills and context:

  • A deep understanding of Optimism Governance, Tech, and Operations.
  • The ability to engage with Optimism stakeholders to get their perspective and support
  • An existing network in the Superchain.
  • Commitment to actively participate in discussion by attending physical and virtual events.
  • The ability to research and write engaging content that simplifies complex topics.
  • The ability to create visuals and memes that encapture key messages.
  • The ability to host and facilitate OP stakeholders to get their messages across.

How should badge holders measure impact upon completion of this Mission?

  • Following and reaching X and Farcaster.
  • Engagement of the content produced relative to existing governance-related accounts.
  • Completeness and timeliness of content produced, is the communication in sync with the developments and needs of OP Governance.
  • Perceived quality of produced content.

Have you engaged a Grant-as-a-service provider for this Mission Request?

Has anyone other than the Proposing Delegate contributed to this Mission Request?


I love this! So happy to see this get sponsored. Big fan of the intern movement in crypto marketing. Expecting dank memes.


I think this proposal overlaps with this one. perhaps it could be merged?

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Seems like a cool proposal!

Although the amount of OP seems pretty high to me, do you envision this being a 1-person team working full time?


Love the idea! We may wanna consider going multi-lingual on this for maximum impact


Idk, @Michael’s mission targets crypto content creators with a substantial following, while this one aims to start an unofficial intern account from scratch but I’m open to continuing the conversation :cowboy_hat_face:


I believe we can reduce the amount and suggest they apply to retroPGF, encouraging them to put significant effort into achieving strong impact metrics.


I’m not sure, normally I would agree, but as this is a first-time experiment, I would prefer to see the results before funding multiple Intern Accounts in various languages.


Good idea Brichis.

I recently found through @binji this newly created OP Intern twitter account which has been doing a good job so far. Idk how serious he is going to take this new endeavor but in his bio he says he expects to be paid through RetroPGF.


That’s an excellent idea and I think it’ll possibly increase the active contributor for all aspects of the ecosystem, in the early stage.
Would you plan to expand it to another language ecosystem as well?


Hey All,

I started the OP Intern account and I plan to continue running it throughout, as I enjoy it. I suggest lowering the grant amount to 10K and applying to RetroPGF.


These are very different proposals. One aims to collab with established creators with a big following while this one aims to create an intern entity like other ecosystems have.

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Hey @JashFi! I think this idea is great and the account is currently doing a great job.

However, it doesn’t seem to me that for running an X account it is necessary to apply for a mission request (not to mention that you are already running it and guidelines state that the Grants Council should choose the best candidate to carry out the mission).

IMO this is a clear example of an action that can be 100% rewarded through RPGF.


I concur with @Pumbi. I believe this case is somewhat similar to the RetroPGF for any DAO mission request, which was withdrawn for a similar reason (the need to be an open RFP). However, I don’t suggest withdrawing it yet because you can’t apply for Growth/Builder Grants under this concept. Therefore, my recommendation would be to apply for RetroPGF based on the impact of your intern account @JashFi wdyt?

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Hey @Pumbi & @brichis,

Thanks for sharing your views!

I want to clarify that I came up with the idea for OP Intern after noticing comments from Binji and other members of the Optimism Community, who pointed out the need for more content on the Optimism network. At the time I drafted the Mission Request, I hadn’t yet created the account. However, due to the positive initial response and my own excitement, I decided to get started with the account. I still intend to following the Mission application process, and think it’s fair to assume other can too.

While I believe RetroPGF should fund most of this mission request, a grant of 10K-15K OP would enable me or anyone else that is selected to dedicate more effort to reaching the goals of the Intern account. While RetroPGF is great, there is an uncertainty around the reward and it makes it hard for anyone to prioritize the account as much as they would like. Running an Intern account takes a lot of context and effort to produce the right content.

From your message Brichis, are you suggesting that I just apply for a Growth Grant instead?


Yes, I suggest that. Keep in mind Growth grants are set to distribute OP tokens to users (You can’t pay a team with it). You can request a portion of the OP to be locked for 12 months pending approval of the critical milestones you set. Once the time is over if you complete all critical milestones the OP is unlocked and you can do whatever you want with those OP. By that time you will also have the chance to participate in a RetroPGF.


Thank you all for the feedback!

I would like to withdraw this mission request @brichis and look forward to applying for a grant and RetroPGF with the Intern Account.


There are already multiple accounts dedicated to Optimism on both Twitter and Farcaster so I’m confused about this mission. Like how would this be different than any of the other accounts already in existence?

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Dear @JashFi ,

I want to congratulate you on your initiative to create the “OP Intern account”. I believe it is a very important idea that has the potential to make Optimism governance more accessible and participatory.

I am pleased to hear that you are considering moving forward with the project through RetroPGF. I believe this is a good idea as it will allow you to have more flexibility and control over the project.

I believe this project has great potential to improve Optimism governance. I wish you much success on your journey.

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Sure @JashFi, keep up the hard work and good luck! I’m now following your account!

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