What it takes to become a Delegate?


I wonder what I have to do to become a delegate. I read the article on Optimism and followed up on all the steps. I added the Voting OP tokens to my account and I voted for this recent voting day. Just wondering do I have to do anything? or if I just need to wait. Thanks for your help.


Hey There,

glad you are interested in being part of this collective as a delegate. You can create a delegate profile on Optimism Agora, just connect your wallet, fill your delegate profile details and you are set on delegate journey. Welcome aboard.


I already submitted my information and filled up the form accordingly. I have no idea what else I should do.

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There is a lot to do and I recommend you read already existing article/documentation on Optimism and DAO in general.

What to expect from season 4 and changed expected to be implemented. Get yourself familiarized and, possibility, provide feedback. Topics tagged season-4 , I wrote a noob version here

code of conduct - Delegate Code of Conduct

single source of truth for DAO proposal process is mentioned in Optimism Operating Manual Operating Manual v0.3.5: The Token House and Citizens’ House ,
GitHub - ethereum-optimism/OPerating-manual: OPerating Manual of the Optimism Collective. https://optimism.io/vision

Major protocol upgrade till date - [FINAL] Upgrade Proposal: Bedrock - v2

Read on Citizen house and RPGF - Introducing the Citizens’ House: 10m OP to Public Goods — The Optimism Collective

Optimism Super chain with Base Optimism Goes m̶u̶l̶t̶i̶ Superchain — The Optimism Collective

Follow Optimism Gov twitter handle and join Discord and follow the conversation there as well Discord

DAO is working on iteration which bring new changes each season depending on feedback so I encourage you to read final roundup announcement of each season. Season 2 was particularly important as it was more chaotic, full of unnecessary noise and confusion for everyone involved and could be seen as one step forward, two steps back but changes were implemented in season 3 to overcome those challenges.

Those links will give you a head start but its only 20% of full picture, so read, understand and contribute where you can. No one has knowledge of everything, which is jut fine.


Thank you for such a profound reply. I have now lots of articles to read. You got me fully occupied :smiley:. Appreciate that. It was a great help.

Oh, even with the knowledge of what I can do, there’s still useful information here for me hah
Thanks for putting it all into one post for easy reference

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