OPUser - Delegate Communication Thread

There are lot to digest for upcoming season 4, I will try to put a short summary of what coming up next (refer here for everything around season 4)

Season 4 will work towards collective goal or intent. Collective Intents

Intent - you/ the Foundation set goal/mission and propose a budget, once the said goal is achieved, reward will be distributed.

initial/most mission would be set by the Foundation and budget would be approved by token house.

Council lead(s) are expected to put forward the budget proposal. Token House Missions
Mission - a time boxed event,well defined, start-to-finish, tightly scoped goal to achieve one of the intents.

Two type -

  1. proposed - own budget -approved by token house- fund will come gov fund
  2. Foundation mission - defined by the Foundation - fund will come from Foundation Fund. Existing Foundation mission could be found here - Foundation Missions (RFPs) ยท GitHub

Anyone, individual, group or an organization, refer as an Alliances, can propose and execute a mission(proposed or accept Foundation Mission. More on Alliances Season 4 Alliance Guide

Funds are determined by trust tier. -Not summarizing it as the complete article is a must read, its a step towards Optimism Attestation station. Collective Trust Tiers

changes suggested above are amalgation and improvement from already existing dao such as ENS, Gitcoin and as a curtsey, foundation will nomicate them in next RPGF round.

Delegate retroactive reward for their contribution can be found here. Retroactive Delegate Rewards: Season 3 - #2