WakeUp Labs - RFG-1 Update and Feedback Thread


WakeUp Labs is a studio offering advanced development services to EVM-Compatible Chains, DAOs, and businesses. This is a thread about our completion of the RFG-1 - a data request API to query the Optimism blockchain for specific past moments.


Last year, we applied to RFG-1: Cycle 13, and we were happily selected by Optimism to build a feature for the network.

You can find our full application here ere the full application :point_right: CharmVerse - the all-in-one web3 space

In August 2023, we were confirmed to receive the grant for the RFG-1 project.

Overview of RFG-1: Understanding the Task and Objectives.

Embarking on a quest to enrich the Optimism blockchain experience, we proposed to create a service to query the Optimism blockchain for specific moments in the past.

Our mission: empower users to query any public view function of smart contracts deployed on the Optimism Blockchain, spanning from its inception to the present.

Powered by the NODEjs framework (JavaScript and TypeScript), our team meticulously crafted a dedicated service and APIs. The ethers.js library seamlessly connects us to the blockchain, while a private RPC node ensures minimal latency.

Accessibility is at the core of our vision. Anyone will be able to deploy their own instance of the service, embracing decentralization. Simultaneously, a live version integrated into the WakeUp platform, hosted on AWS infrastructure, ensures scalability and security.

Operational 24/7, the service will be easily accessible through REST APIs, providing a user-friendly experience. And the journey continues with a commitment to fortify security and enhance scalability, and smart contracts queried without parameters.

Showcasing the Possibilities: What can we build using these endpoints.

With this kind of APIs developers can create Historical Analytics tools to examine past transactions and trends. A community Dashboard can display real-time data, and a notification bot can be created with ease. In decentralized finance (DeFi), integrating queried data enhances user experiences by offering historical data for financial analysis and increasing transparency. The endpoints can also provide valuable information on transactions in a decentralized Marketplace.

From WakeUp, we have built this End-user Demo to showcase a Study Case.

:point_right: https://rfg1-demo.wakeuplabs.link/

Architecture & Sequence Diagrams:

Our service is designed for easy integration, streamlined maintenance, and adaptable extensibility with external services.

This RESTful API seamlessly interacts with the OP blockchain, persisting invoked functions in a dedicated database. Subsequently, users can conveniently bypass providing ABI information on following interactions.

Moreover, an additional component empowers project owners to populate the database with smart contracts they deem pertinent.

To grasp the full spectrum of possibilities, delve into our sequence diagrams:

This diagram shows how to leverage pre-loaded contracts. In that way, the user could check which are those contracts considered most popular and avoid the need to manually load the ABI information.

Nevertheless, users always have the option to inspect any contract using a generic endpoint by passing the necessary parameters.

Besides, through the WakeUp Platform, utilizing AWS infrastructure, we’ve deployed a scalable and high-performing solution. (You can read more about below :wink:)

Even from the platform, one of the endpoints has a dedicated service that interfaces with the database, loading a roster of well-known contracts. This approach provides flexibility for the current solution and supports future implementations with custom sets of contracts.

Final Delivery.

We’ve made this project 100% open source because what we’ve built serves the public good. That means anyone can deploy their own instance and/or contribute by submitting their own Pull Request to make it better.

You can find the GitHub repository with everything you need (including a setup guide) here.

If you don’t have the time or desire to set up your own instance of the RFG-1, you can easily use it from our Developers Platform. We have a live version integrated and hosted on AWS infrastructure, ensuring scalability and security. It’s operational 24/7 and accessible through user-friendly REST APIs.

WakeUp Platform Integration:

WakeUp Labs offers a deployed version ready for use.

Simply sign up for our platform, obtain your unique and free API key, and seamlessly integrate it into your workflow.

You can find all the documentation directly through our Platform Docs :point_left:

The concept behind having APIs on the platform is to allow you to test the project without the need to run it locally; it’s ready for coding, with a framework that a developer is familiar with.

Final Thoughts.

We’re confident that this tool is an excellent addition to the OP ecosystem. It not only brings new features but also integrates smoothly.

And on the other hand, we can’t conclude this article without giving a big shoutout to our amazing team for pulling off this project, and a huge thanks to the collaborators at Optimism for their ongoing feedback and recommendations. It wouldn’t have been possible without all of you! Thanks a bunch.

Feel free to share any feedback or thoughts you have about this tool with us here.

We’d love to hear from you!