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WakeUp Labs is a studio offering advanced development services to EVM-Compatible Chains, DAOs, and businesses. This summary provides a brief overview of the company, to later provide a timeline of contributions to the OP network from January 2023 to the present, with continuous updates.


This first entry will introduce WakeUp, detailing its history, track record, intentions, and team composition. However, it aims to be the initial post in an ever-evolving thread, where all sufficiently significant interactions with the OP ecosystem will be added. This approach seeks to offer greater transparency and traceability to the activities carried out. Since WakeUp is a company, it must adhere to NDAs, compliance, and other legal obligations; therefore, it reserves the right to choose what to share in this thread.

What’s Wake Up Labs.

WakeUp Labs is a software development studio dedicated to advancing decentralized technology and scaling Ethereum. We specialize in delivering cutting-edge development services to EVM-Compatible chains, DAOs, and businesses entering the blockchain space. Since our inception in 2022, our team has led the charge in innovation within the sector.

WakeUp Labs had established itself as a well known player in the LATAM ecosystem, providing a comprehensive suite of development services including Product Discovery, Product Design, and Software Implementation. Our goal is to address and overcome the challenges our clients face.

Our extensive development expertise, combined with a commitment to excellence, has empowered our clients to achieve significant revenue growth, secure investment rounds, reduce costs, and enhance their overall performance.

History, Track Record and Team composition.

Since 2022, WakeUp has been actively participating in the ecosystem, conducting workshops for developers both online and in person, attending international conferences, and lending its significant technical expertise to the community.

Initially, our focus was on the NFT ecosystem, capitalizing on the bull market and leveraging our gaming expertise—Milton Berman’s role as CTO of a Mobile Gaming company and Gonza Silman’s experience in competitive gaming and software development for tournament management seemed particularly promising.

However, we quickly faced reality; the excitement around these areas waned faster than anticipated, and the market was neither as large nor as technically challenging as we had initially believed.

Subsequently, we created a platform that allows developers, especially those new to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, to deploy smart contracts using simple APIs.

This service is now fully operational supporting multiple blockchains, including compatibility with Optimism, a feature that has been available since early 2023.

Besides, in 2023 alone, WakeUp has provided its services to at least 24 clients, with 4 based in Spain, 4 in the US, and the remaining majority from Latin America.

Among these collaborations are:

  • Optimism: Through a grant-funded project, we developed an open-source repository and an interactive demo to index specific blockchain information. It was a developer-oriented tool.

  • An AAVE fork, known for its complexity.

  • End-user projects, abstracting the complexity of Blockchain, such as Win Investments.

  • Contributions to well-recognized ecosystem projects like DAIMO.

  • Innovative projects involving the tokenization of real-world assets and video games, such as Mokens League.

Our ambition drives us to extend our influence further, aiming to deliver substantial value through our technical solutions.

Our active participation in conferences, close collaboration with DAOs, and engagement with stakeholders across various projects underscore our commitment. Furthermore, we are dedicated to keeping pace with the evolving demands of emerging technologies, such as Rollups like OP, ensuring that our services remain at the forefront of the industry’s needs.

Our team consists of 3 founders with extensive experience in the ecosystem:

  • Milton Berman, co-founder and CEO, brings extensive experience as a CTO in a decentralized identity project supported by IDB Lab and Bitcoin NGO. He has also worked as a Product Owner at Rootstock blockchain and as a CTO in a mobile game studio company. With a background in working with large corporations, Milton possesses the technical expertise and strategic vision necessary to drive the success of our project.
  • Maximiliano del Hoyo, co-founder and CBDO, has a diverse background in software and finance. His previous experience at notable companies like Microsoft and Nestle provides him with the necessary knowledge and network to navigate the intersection of technology and business, ensuring the effective achievement of the project’s goals.
  • Gonzalo Silman, co-founder and COO, possesses a unique blend of expertise in economics (former university professor), finance, and entrepreneurial experience in creating gaming products for LATAM communities. This diverse background brings a fresh perspective and innovative thinking to our project, enabling us to understand user needs and craft tailored solutions that resonate with our target audience.

We also have a world-class technical and communication team.

WakeUp boasts a dedicated full-time team of four developers, each a university graduate with degrees in engineering and boasting at least seven years of development experience.

Our team includes:

  • Two Solidity experts who have previously worked at INTEL and have been part of SideChains development teams since 2018.

  • One specialist in front-end development.

  • One expert focused on infrastructure and back-end development.

  • On the communications front, Jess, holding a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires, is currently furthering her education as an MBA student, with more than 4 years in the industry.

In addition to our team, we collaborate with Strategic Partners who bring their expertise in design, project management, and specific areas of software development to enhance our capabilities and deliver comprehensive solutions.

What’s next

WakeUp is committed to strengthening its ties with EVM-Compatible chains by hosting workshops aimed at introducing new developers to the ecosystem. We plan to leverage our expertise by actively participating and sharing our technical insights in forums, thus progressively enhancing our technical capabilities. Our goal is to confront increasingly significant challenges head-on.


:globe_with_meridians: Website: www.wakeuplabs.io
:bird: X (Twitter): www.x.com/wakeuplabs
:raised_hands: LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/company/wakeuplabs


Our Journey on Optimism [2023].

WakeUp Labs’ journey on Optimism from the beginning up to December 2023, how we’ve been contributing to the OP ecosystem.


Since the beginning of 2023, we began collaborating and engaging with the Optimism ecosystem. Through each collaboration, we foster a world that is increasingly fair and democratic.

Let’s dive into our journey so far.

We embarked on our journey by applying for the Retro PGF2 grant by January 2023.

We kicked things off in the OP scene by providing developer tooling through our developer-oriented platform, supporting the development and usage of the #OP Stack through APIs for developers to integrate #blockchain technology.

:point_right: Tooling & Utilities nominations for RPGF2 - #73 by 0xMilton

Thanks to that, we got nominated for the Retro PGF. By March 2023, we’d already integrated several blockchains into our WakeUp Platform, and we attracted some individual users and small businesses to start using it.

In a Twitch live stream featuring our core developer, Christian, we managed to do a quick integration of the platform into a React project with over 15 live viewers, exchanging opinions and making the livestream an interactive experience.

:cinema: :point_right: https://youtu.be/0Ij5PVA5P2I

We also joined an X (Twitter) space alongside Proof of Integrity to share all that we were building at that time on Optimism. :milky_way:

In April we were selected as recipients of the #RPGF from Optimism Foundation.

:point_right: WakeUp Labs - Revolutionizing Industries with Technology

Later on, we began planning the OP Workshop series—comprising 3 episodes—for the Spanish community interested in developing on the OP Network. This was a joint project with Optimism en Español and Layer 2 en Español.

On April 25th, 2023, the first episode of the Optimism Workshop Series went live, featuring 0xJoxes and Axlvaz from the OP Community.

By the end of May, We successfully concluded the OP Workshop Series with over 100 attendees, and more than 100 NFTs were minted on the OP Network for them.

You can find all the data on this initiative here :point_down:

And the GitHub repository for it here :point_down:

Playlist - Workshop Series Optimism

And, finally, NFTs were minted for the attendees.

You can check the tokens on the blockchain here :point_left:

In June 2023 we conducted an interview with Joxes, featuring @0xJoxes—DeFi Wonderland researcher, Layer2 Scaling evangelist, and OptimismGov delegate.

You can read it here :point_left:

Also in June, we participated in the SEED LATAM event in Mendoza, Argentina.

There, we conducted a workshop led by our Tech Lead Chris Escalante.

In June, we applied with two projects for the Builders Grant Cycle 13:

  • NFT Swap
  • RFG1 - APIs & Indexer.

The first one consisted of creating an open-source SDK to enable a highly desired feature by various protocols: NFT exchange on-chain. This SDK would allow two individuals to securely exchange NFTs on-chain. We had prior experience implementing something similar for the 0x Protocol and aimed to adapt it for the OP ecosystem.

Check the full application here :point_right: CharmVerse - the all-in-one web3 space

The second project involved developing a feature for effortlessly searching status history on the OP Blockchain. This empowers developers and users to precisely locate specific moments and events within the blockchain.

Here the full application :point_right: CharmVerse - the all-in-one web3 space

In August, we were confirmed to receive the grant for the RFG1 project.

We secured the Builders Grant Cycle 13.

Full blog about it here :point_left:

Following all that we were doing within the OP ecosystem at that time, we came up with an idea that we reflected when we also applied in July 2023 for the RFG-7. In it, we proposed to create an open-source, user-friendly interface for NFT (Non-Fungible Token) creators to integrate tokenbound accounts with their collections. Tokenbound accounts enhance security by linking assets to specific accounts, providing added control, and accountability. In simple words: NFT Smart Wallets.

Full application here :point_right: CharmVerse - the all-in-one web3 space

We also participated in several X (Twitter) spaces! We joined an X (Twitter) space with Totoro, a candidate for the Optimism Ambassadors. During the session, we shared more details about our application for the Builders Grants - Cycle 13.

You can hear the full space here :point_down:


By November 2023 Cointelegraph wrote WakeUp Labs. The article covered all that we had been building on OP up to that moment.

You can take a look at it here: :point_down:

By the end of November 2023, we applied for the Retro PFG.

We’ve significantly reduced the knowledge gap in blockchain technology, enabling broader developer engagement on Optimism by simplifying interactions. Our educational efforts and local workshops have fostered a strong developer community, particularly in Latin America, creating a hub for Spanish content and connecting developers interested in Optimism development.

You can read the full purpose here :point_down:

And we closed out 2023 by completing the initial iteration for RFG1: Onchain Data, a public good for the Optimism Ecosystem. This open-source product was requested by the Optimism Grants Council.

We released the first 3 milestones for the project.

Our main goal with this tool is to assist developers in seamlessly querying past blockchain information at specific points in time, eliminating the need for extensive knowledge and building from scratch. This tool is versatile, enabling tracking of token balances, historical DeFi pool liquidity, and more.

Here you can find the repo: :point_down:

And this was the complete application: :point_down:


2023 was a challenging year for WakeUp, as we immersed ourselves in Optimism and effectively collaborated with the network, leaving our mark on the ecosystem.

Don´t miss the next episode in our Optimistic journey! :red_circle::sparkles:

Thanks for reading!