Update the delegates' page. Areas of interest

It is necessary to update the delegates’ page by adding the areas of interest. Now in the filters you can select interests, but nobody uses the filters. Selecting the area of interest should be a step in the delegation process. So the delegation process for the user (delegator) is in 3 steps:

  • Selection of the area (or areas) of interest. (so that the user is recommended delegates representing the selected area of interest).
  • Select a delegate.
  • Delegation.
    Arguments for: No one reads the commitments of all delegates for selecting a delegate, most choose one of the first delegates on the list. And nobody uses filters, they don’t attract much attention.
    And if the user can choose their area of interest then it will be easier for them to understand which delegates can represent their interests and choose one.
    As a result we will have diversification of voting power and more decentralization.
    To see that there are people with different interests in the Optimism Ecosystem, you can analyze the Optimistic Explorer stats, in which 150k users chose between the following interests:

And one more thing. Problems must be foreseen, and solutions must be found early.
The amount of OP delegated decreased in season 1, from 35.4M to 23.4M (-33%).

The decrease in the amount of OP tokens that have been delegated is not proportional, the number of delegates that can approve proposals is reduced, and the percentage voting power of the top 10 delegates increases relative to the rest of the delegates.


Agree. When we claimed the first airdrop, there was an option to filter delegate on the basis of their interest. Doing something similar on new delegate selection page would be a good idea.


Agree with this.

One more important item to add which I believe would actually drive more delegate diversity is to first prioritize adding the rest of the delegates to be visible on that page. I have actually had many people come to me and say that they wanted to delegate to me but could not figure out how. So I had to make a step by step explainer. However the average user is not going to bother to search and delegate to someone. They are just going to pick from that list which is now very small.


On the delegates page were delegates from the airdrop claim page. I don’t know how often the list on the delegates page is updated. @ben-chain
But for sure at the second airdrop new delegates will be added.


On the delegates’ page there is an interest filter. I mean not just filter, but selecting interests as the first step, and then based on the interests the appropriate delegates are displayed.


I have visited that page more than 100 times and never realized that we have a filter option and I am sure others are missing that too.

anyway, as you mentioned in your comment, I was also talking about the same thing. Or at least make it visible on UI and not in drop-down list

but selecting interests as the first step, and then based on the interests the appropriate delegates are displayed.

I don’t know how often the list on the delegates page is updated

Last I remember they do it every fortnight as they need to manually scrap the new profile.


Oh yeah, I asked Vee this like 4 times already and I know it is a manual process so I am just a very squeeky wheel.

But anytime I hear an idea for further diversifying voting power I say before we do the cool stuff like above let’s do the simplest improvement that provides the highest impact first. And that to me is add all the delegates where people select their delegates.

All the best filtering in the world does not make much off a difference if the small pool of listed delegates does not change

But doing both these things together will be a game changer.


I do know that no new delegates have been added to that list since around June as that is when I and many others submitted our commitment. That’s there only reason I bring it up


June, that is quite a lot of fortnight. @Michael you have something to talk during next call


Wow, I was checking today and I couldn’t believe the number. That’s why. Thanks!

I was about to open a feedback thread to point that same thing.
Are you familiar with the nudge concept?

People are lazy by nature. When I finally claimed my OP tokens I delegated “randomly”, later seeing the statistics I realized it was the biggest one. I checked the default sort, and it was by weight shuffle. So I was about to suggest something like there shouldn’t be a default sort priming more weight.
@diligit 's idea is great: the user must select first his interest areas and according to that, the delegates will be sorted…

Congrats guys for your hard work. I’m impressed


Glad this is all being surfaced, and I’m surprised that I never noticed this thread before.

It’s also excruciatingly difficult to delegate to somebody not on this day-1 delegate list. It’s why I’ve had to point people to https://delegation.tools to write in addresses (or self-delegate) - to avoid the confusing multiple steps they’d have to take on the official delegation site.

I agree that as far as dev lift goes, simply adding more delegates and devising more sort/filter options seems like a decent first step.


I realized that 2 delegates, actively supporting projects to pass for the snapshot vote, have lost their 0.5%. It is critical to change the delegate page default config. in order to avoid more centralization.

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I’m interested to know what work the delegates have done and what the plans are.

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