Agora Updates & Feedback thread

Thank you @FractalVisions and @Oxytocin. Appreciate you both writing down such detailed thoughts (going to DM you to brainstorm more). This is fantastic feedback. Clearly lots more to do here, and we couldn’t agree more!

Overall, the problem of “how do we (a) surface and reward high-quality delegates and (b) also bring new voices to the ecosystem” seems to be the theme here, definitely what we’re looking to focus on for this next iteration of Optimism Agora.

Going to summarize some of the feedback, please keep me honest on whether I’ve covered it all!

  • :memo: top of our mind too, added. Right now it’s ‘exact’ match only. We’re starting to investigate fuzzy search or partial search for the next iteration.
  • :memo: these are great, added. Would love to brainstorm more on a few other ways to filter and sort for quality delegates. Let me know if any other ideas come to mind!
  • This idea of adding in incentives to “recluse” one’s self from further delegation is interesting. It would certainly be a more complicated feature (as it begs the question of what parameters), but I look forward to see more of discussion of this direction by the community.

Generally speaking, we are starting to look different ways to “filter” and “sort”, and this is all with the goal of better surfacing high-quality delegates. Some other ideas we’ve heard and gathered are:

  • Voting streaks
  • Last 6mo voting participation
  • Filter based on their areas of interest (inspired by @diligit’s post)
  • Filter based on their role

Very possible I’ve missed parts or misinterpreted wording, please don’t hesitate to correct me :smile:

Excited to keep jamming on this and figure out the next iteration of Agora for Optimism :heart: