The Empowered Delegate's Checklist: Navigating Optimism Collective Governance with Confidence and Transparency

As a delegate within the Optimism Collective, you carry a significant responsibility to represent those who have delegated their voting power to you. To ensure you make informed decisions when voting on proposals, I have prepared this optional educational guide and checklist of action items. Utilizing tools such as governance forums, Twitter, Discord; and contacting the Optimism Foundation as a neutral party to facilitate conversation can make you a more effective delegate.

Checklist for Delegates:

  • Understand the proposal

    • Thoroughly read the proposal and any accompanying documentation
    • Identify the problem or opportunity addressed by the proposal
    • Understand the proposed solution and its implications
  • Engage with the community

    • Participate in governance forums to discuss the proposal with other delegates and stakeholders
    • Monitor and contribute to relevant conversations on Twitter using designated hashtags (e.g., #OP, #snapshot, #proposal)
    • Join the official Optimism Discord server to discuss the proposal in real-time with the community
  • Seek clarification and additional information

    • If the proposal is unclear or lacks sufficient information, request clarification from the proposer
    • Reach out to individual experts within the community or the Optimism Foundation for technical or additional insights
  • Gauge community sentiment

    • Utilize tools like polls and surveys to gather feedback from your delegators and the broader community
    • Share your initial thoughts on the proposal and invite community members to share their opinions
  • Engage with neutral parties

    • Reach out to neutral parties for unbiased perspectives on the proposal
    • Request their assistance in facilitating discussions and mediating any conflicts that may arise
  • Formulate your voting decision

    • Assess the potential benefits and drawbacks of the proposal
    • Consider the feedback and opinions gathered from the community and neutral parties
    • Ensure your decision aligns with the best interests of your delegators and the broader Optimism Collective
  • Communicate your decision

    • Share your voting decision and reasoning with the community through governance forums, Twitter, and Discord
    • Be transparent about the factors that influenced your decision, including community sentiment and expert opinions
    • Remain open to feedback and be prepared to defend your decision if necessary
  • Cast your vote

    • Ensure you are familiar with the voting process and any applicable deadlines
    • Vote on the proposal according to your decision, keeping the best interests of your delegators and the Optimism Collective in mind
  • Reflect and learn

    • Analyze the outcome of the vote and its impact on the Optimism Collective
    • Evaluate your decision-making process and identify areas for improvement
    • Continuously engage with the community to improve your understanding of their needs and expectations

By following this checklist, you can effectively represent your delegators’ interests and contribute to the continued success of the Optimism Collective.