Advanced Delegation Rollout Plan

Hey OP delegates :wave:

Kent from Agora here and I wanted to share some updates on the rollout of the advanced delegation feature on

Wanted to make a thread, place for feedback, and quick primer to the advance delegation rollout plan!

Why did we build advanced delegation?

The idea of a more powerful delegation functionality was brought up by many folks in the Discord and forms asking for “split votes” or “re-delegation” over the last few seasons. As a result, this request came up as a RPF during Season 4 Intent to improve governance accessibility.

As governance builders, we believe this idea will help both:

  • Increase in votable supply, and
  • Increase the number and diversity of delegates in the ecosystem.

Ultimately, advanced delegation allows an OP token holder to delegate their vote to more than one address with the click of a few buttons. Instead of forcing people to pick A or B to delegate to, we have a more fluid form of delegation here.

Functionally, the advanced delegation enables:

  • Partial delegation - delegate to multiple addresses
  • And redelegation - allow delegates you delegate to, to delegate again or, in turn delegate to multiple addresses.

This will help solve many of the issues brought forth in the forms and community, enabling folks to not only delegate to multiple parties at once, but also allow delegates to “retire” or “pass on the baton” gracefully without reducing the active votable supply or causing that chunk of tokens to be frozen as their tenure ends.

How does advanced delegation work?

All of our code is open-sourced and you can see all the details on: It’s also been audited by OpenZeppelin.

But here’s the quick summary:

  • First, you delegate to your own proxy via a contract called Alligator
  • From there, you are able to set allowances for others to receive voting power and ultimately vote with that power
  • This means that your voting power now comes from two places, the standard OP token contract and the advanced delegation voting power via Alligator.

The Governor has been upgraded to accept and count each of these when you vote, and has been upgraded to handle all of this on the front-end to create a simple and smooth voting experience for everyone.

Once delegated, it will look something like this on your delegate profile page!

When can I get access to advanced delegation?

We launched partial delegation back on December 18th, 2023 to a limited beta group. On January 18th, we had our first voting cycle with advanced delegation and advanced voting. On Feb 8th (today), we plan to expand that group to anyone with over 100,000 OP, with the goal to progressively decentralize and battle test this new functionality over the next several voting periods.

Given how big of a change this is both culturally and technically, we want to make sure that we iron out all of the kinks before releasing to everyone. In fact, during our first round we identified a few edge cases are currently auditing a few changes to Alligator to make it even easier to vote in subsequent rounds.

Rollout plan

Date Voting Period Rollout details
Jan 18th, 2024 Voting Cycle #17 Limited beta group :white_check_mark:
Feb 8, 2024 Voting Cycle #18 Delegates with over 100,000 OP
Feb 29, 2024 Voting Cycle #19 Delegates with over 10,000 OP
~April 2024 Delegates with over 1,000 OP
~May 2024 Delegates with over 100 OP
~June 2024 All remaining delegates

How to get involved

If you are interested in contributing and willing to fill out bug reports, we’d love your support!

Join the #gov-general on the Optimism Discord and tag @kent or @yitong and we’ll will add you to the beta list. If you’re below the threshold of the rollout plan and still want to participate, we’d love to hear from you as well, just DM us – we have a capacity cap of ~500 for this voting period’s advance delegation usage during this beta/rollout phase, but we love folks willing to help us test and will try to get as many as we can in! :raised_hands:

Please don’t hesitate to DM us or comment here directly. We look forward to bringing this feature to the masses and can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feedback!

Back to building :saluting_face:


The Agora Team


Really excited to see the Advanced Delegation feature rolling out. I think we all hope that redelegation will help decentralize voting power.
From my understanding, Advanced Delegation also includes grants that are subject to a lock period. For instance, I have a locked grant, and I was able to delegate its voting power for this Season 5.
My question is: Will there be a clear (visual?) distinction between votes redelegated by a delegate and those directly controlled by the delegate himself but locked ? Or am I misunderstanding something here?

This is an amazing opportunity to also decentralize the voting power, since we can choose two or more delegates it’s incredibly.
Thank you for this intiiative.

That’s a great opportunity that would make the voting power gradually decentralized.
When do you expect to be available this function if it’s passed??

Hey Zcf!!
Thanks for the updates!!

I´m curious, just one question, now everyone can do the advanced delegation? or just the delegates with more than 1k OP voting power?

Thanks in advance for your answer!!

Hey! Kent here from Agora.

We have just wrapped up our plans to get advanced delegation working with the Interop upgrade coming in late 2024. Once that spec gets approved and merged into the mono-repo we will start working on the implementation.

At that time it will become super clear what the best path forward is. There will be two likely paths forward:

  1. We delay large scale advanced delegation rollout until after the Interop upgrade to make sure that the Interop upgrade and existing advanced delegation state is as stable as can be.
  2. We are confident that the Interop upgrade will not be a problem with rolling out advanced delegation to more users.

We should have clarity on this by the middle of July if not sooner.

We will post here when the time comes to get feedback on paths forward as we work with the protocol team.