Build a dedicated page for Delegation/Voting History

Right now, the only place to see all the delegates and make a selection is buried in the middle of the airdrop claim process (Optimism Gateway). There is another URL that shows the delegates, but there’s no functionality there to actually pick a delegate (Optimism Gateway).

That second URL should be fleshed out with the ability to change your delegate, and also to view the voting history of delegates. We should also be able to see how much voting power each delegate currently has, so we can choose a less popular delegate if we desire.

This is sort of a basic request, and I’m sure it’s already in the works, I just wanted to mention it here in case it slipped through the cracks.


Totally agree, we should have a whole section for Delegates, their voting power, and their activity. Like a Dune dashboard but inside Optimism web. Also we could link that section with this forum :thinking:


Definitely - that section could also be useful for delegates to post how they are intending to vote on certain issues. If someone has delegated to me they might appreciate the time to reallocate to someone else if they knew I was about to vote in a way that doesn’t match their preferences on something they felt strongly on.


couldn’t agree more, delegate has more responsibility as they are also representing all users delegating their OP voting power to them.

I would like to see dashboard, where anyone can click on a delegate name and see their voting power, activity and interests. From discord, I see that many users are asking about “how to change delegate”, so a one click delegate change would be awesome too.


I posted this morning as a new topic here. Does this delegate dashboard help?

We also have delegate profiles showing their voting history and other governance stats. Example profile.

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Totally agree, I think we can do that.

Given all the questions on how to change delegated here and on Discord, I put this together:

It’s a bit rough, but it shows your current delegate and lets you change it.

If it doesn’t load it’s likely that DNS are still propagating, so give it some time - I just deployed it :slight_smile:

Not sure if I should make a separate thread for this, for convenience?