Signaling intention to become a Badgeholder

Who are you?
DAODude(Kazzy),Gov lead of DAOAsia/ Contributor of Bankless Japan / a governance nerd

Why do you want to become a badgeholder?
Since Bankless, I’ve been doing the contribution for DAOs and Optimism is no exception. As we got the funded RetroPGF before, the module of RetroPGF and its uniqueness would definitely be worth it and should be distributed as a new means of funding method.

As I feel so much importance for Op governance and to make it known to the people who are outside of Op, I want to definitely be the badge holder.

What are your areas of expertise?

  • DAO Governance
  • APAC/ Japanese crypto markets
  • Sales,BizDev / DevRel
  • Contents creation

Contact Point:
TG - therealdaodude
X - kazumat_


Who are you?
SmuxC. I lurk on ecosystem Discord servers and occasionally help people on the Optimism Discord server.

Why do you want to become a badgeholder?
I invest a lot of time in Optimism because I support the foundation’s core value. As a way to show my appreciation, I want to be a badgeholder. As a badgeholder, I want to help personal emerging projects on Optimism. Furthermore, I want to help decentralize this process by being actively involved; there has been some negative feedback with round 3 recently.

What are your areas of expertise?
Economics, online privacy, cryptography and front-end development. I will gladly tell you more about my areas privately.

Contact point:
You can email ‘’. I will respond within 12 hours.

Relevant info you think should be here (leave it empty if not):
I am open to discussing anything. Just leave me a way to get back to you because I won’t respond using this email. You can also ask me for my PGP public key first.

Who are you?
DuckDegen, founder at, a public good that aims to onboard talent into crypto.

Why do you want to become a badgeholder?
After being engaged with the Optimism ecosystem for such a long time, I feel like it is time to give back to a community that has supported me.
As a public goods builder and a RPGF3 recipient, I would like to serve.

What are your areas of expertise?
I’m a software engineer with expertise in frontend and backend applications
I’m a product manager and shape products together with teams
I’m a decentralization + tokenomics nerd, and aim to build resiliant systems that are aligned with Ethereum

Contact point:
duckdegen on every social platform out there (discord, telegram, twitter, hey/lens, ens, gmail, and so on)

Relevant info you think should be here
I’ve got ±2 decades of web2+web3 professional experience, and deeply engage with my peers to enable them to be successful.
For my vision of performing badgeholder duty, I pledge to accurately research projects that require evaluation in full conformance with the evaluation metrics set forth by the collective governance process, and to put in the hours required to have a complete picture of a project.
I aim to keep the quality of work performed high, and be open and transparent about it.

Who are you?
My name is Dennison Bertram, CEO and co-founder of My journey in the blockchain space includes founding DappHero and being an early team member at OpenZeppelin. I have spearheaded innovative DAOs and social experiments such as DopeWars and PridePunks.

Why do you want to become a badgeholder?
I’m deeply intrigued by Optimism’s groundbreaking work in social and technical aspects of decentralized coordination, which are pivotal for the evolution of the DAO ecosystem. As a badge holder, I aim to contribute my extensive experience to Optimism’s governance and, concurrently, absorb knowledge from this vibrant community. My background in creating and managing DAOs equips me with practical insights that could be invaluable in shaping Optimism’s future.

What are your areas of expertise?
My expertise lies in DAO Governance, DAO Infrastructure, and Developer Advocacy, underpinned by a profound understanding of DAO operations at both social and infrastructure levels. I possess a comprehensive grasp of L2s from both engineering and philosophical standpoints, demonstrated by my research in Tally’s Research Report on Superchain Governance.

Contact Point:

  • Twitter: @dennisonbertram
  • Telegram: @dennison
  • Email:

Relevant info you think should be here:
My passion is in turning groundbreaking, wild ideas into reality, a skill I believe will be beneficial to the Optimism community. I’m excited to blend my creative vision with Optimism’s innovative endeavors.

Also really just excited.


Who are you?
Hi everyone! My name is Ruslan Klinkov. I am an crypto Influencer, I have my own blog on youtube and telegram, about promising blockchain projects. Since November 2021, I am one of the first ambassadors of Optimism and a moderator (sup nerd) in Optimism discord. For my contribution and help I got the role of super ambassador and now I actively help the team with the community. I am also the founder of the web design, branding and internet marketing studio “InHouse Agency”

Why do you want to become a badgeholder?
I participated in RetroPGF3 and I understand what the participants were thinking, what bothered them the most during the round. I think that my experience, my commitment to Optimism will help to make the program even better. What Optimism is showing today - is something new, fair and undoubtedly helping the ecosystem to develop. A lot of interesting and exciting things are ahead of us and I want to be part of the team of people who are doing this huge and important work.

What are your areas of expertise?
I have a undergraduate degree in IT, and a master’s degree in financial economics. I have a good knowledge of blockchain technology, marketing and I know how to identify potentially successful projects in terms of attracting new users to the Optimism ecosystem.

Contact Point:
Twitter: @ruslan_klinkov
Telegram: @ruslanklinkov

Relevant info you think should be here:
I feel I have grown into this important and responsible role. I have sufficient time to fully immerse myself in this work. I know that several members of the Optimism team can vouch for me. If you decide I am worthy of the badge I promise I won’t let you down.
Thank you for your attention :saluting_face:

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Who am I?

I go by the alias 0xR in the dynamic realm of web3. Currently, in pursuit of a Master’s degree in sociology, my journey has been intricately woven with impactful contributions to renowned entities like DAOstack, PrimeDAO, PolkaDAO, Kolektivo, Breadchain, and Token Engineering Commons. Hailing from contemporary colonized Curacao, my demeanor is relaxed and patient yet proactive, underscored by a commitment to egalitarian and fairness-oriented values. Over the past 6-7 years, I’ve immersed myself in researching, designing, and contributing to the web3 space, especially in areas of collective ownership & governance. From pioneering the first DAO governance research paper and article (DAO viability report, DAO tooling overview article) to designing interfaces for web3 products (Breadchain, PrimeDeals), my footprint is etched across various facets of this evolving landscape.

Why a Badgeholder?

I see Optimism as harboring an ambitious mission in the realm of public goods funding, a mission that aligns with my deep-seated belief in the underestimated importance of accessible public goods for humanity. I am drawn to Optimism’s vision of creating a new built-in public goods funding system, and I aspire to contribute to expanding and maintaining its efficiency amid growth. My attraction to become a badgeholder is fueled by concrete reasons:

  1. Expertise in Collective Governance: Drawing from my diverse experiences in web3 collective governance, I bring confidence in committing, analyzing, and strategizing desired outcomes for the RetroPGF, backed by a rich dataset.

  2. Multifaceted Background: My non-web3 experience in social sciences and multicultural upbringing equips me to decipher human behavior, offering unique insights valuable to any space advocating for collective governance.

  3. Values and Long-term Vision: My unwavering commitment to fairness and disdain for nepotism drive me to approach badgeholding with a focus on long-term vision execution, steering clear of short-term favors.

  4. Excitement for Collective Governance: The prospect of being part of a colossal collective governance experiment is immensely exciting, and my social scientific mind is brimming with ideas and questions for the narrative Optimism is shaping.

  5. Conflict Resolution Skills: Armed with conflict resolution skills, I am adept at moderating dialogues to fruitful outcomes, an asset in the collective governance terrain.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Designing Governance Systems: Crafting effective decision-making systems for collectively owned assets with a focus on web3 tooling capabilities.

  • DAO Research: In-depth understanding of how DAOs evolve, function, and sometimes falter through observatory and participatory research methods.

  • User Experience Research: Conducting insightful interviews to enhance the understanding of stakeholder needs, crucial for optimizing products and services.

  • Project Planning: Proficient in planning and organizing work, including feedback periods and coordination with other workgroups.

  • Proposal and Report Writing: Experienced in crafting well-thought-out DAO proposals and extensive reports, with a knack for simplifying complex governance interfaces.

  • User Interface Design: Adept at designing user interfaces using tools like Figma, poised to provide valuable feedback on design aspects within Optimism RPGF projects.

  • Online Community Management: Skilled in managing online communities through effective meetings, summaries, and moderation.

  • Entrepreneurship: Bringing vague and ambitious ideas into reality, identifying problems, and creating solutions aligned with the needs of the Optimism organism.

A Personal Mission:

“My personal goal has always been to increase the ownership class in any space I find myself in, aiming to reduce unequal socioeconomic outcomes through collective ownership and governance.”

Contact Point:

  • Twitter: @RRussel17

  • Telegram: @OxRussel

Additional Relevant Info:

  • Experience: 6+ years in hardcore DAO, web3 collective governance, and web3 research.

  • Education: Finalizing a Master’s in Sociology (University of Lisbon) with a focus on wealth inequalities in the Caribbean.

  • Affiliations: Light affiliation with Kolektivo and Breadchain as a research and UI/UX designer; all other former positions are financially retired, however social ties do remain.


Who are you?

Hello, my name is Alberto, im the Founder of Inbest Program, im an engineer with a passion for blockchain technologies. im a member of the ETH Costa Rica Team, im also a member of the CostaRica Blockchain Association and im part of the Education Committee. Im also a member of the Arbitrum Council.

I have created a free Spanish speaking community of blockchain enthusiasts and i have been growing this community and educating them in different topics like: Decentralization, Security, Governance, Scalability and more.

Why do you want to become a Badgeholder?

I want be a voice for the community and help grow and decentralize even more the collective on the central and latin American continents. I also have strong values that align with the optimistic values and i understand the commitment and i will help in this very important mission, to allocate the future of the super-chain on the right hands!

What are your areas of expertise?

As an engineer, i love the tech and understanding the technicalities behind blockchains and their component and layers fascinates me. i’ve been around for about 6 years, more recently i started a journey and created InBest Program, to help onboard more users and provide them with real value content and information. This has given me a lot of experience building and managing web3 communities

Governance is something i personally enjoy, finding out what is the next update, and what it does for the chain or the ecosystem, this are topics that the regular user does not understands and therefor, don’t pay much attention to it. my role is simple, simplifying and sharing this technical content with the community to educate them and grow the Superchain.

My current participation on the Arbitrum Grant Council has also helped my with my skills and experience in evaluating different grant apps and measuring their impact.

As a technical content creator, i can actually review and measure the work reach and impact behind different educational, journalism or onboarding projects with a better understanding of the whole process. since this category (education, news, onboarding) has been the biggest one in terms of applicants, i believe i can be of help to the collective.

Contact point:
Telegram/Twitter: @InbestProgram

Relevant info you think should be here (leave it empty if not):



Who are you?
ZEFIRIUM aka Sergo. Ambaasador in training and recipient of 3 RPGF3 grants:

  • Ambaasador
  • Individual
  • Optimism_CIS

I work with the community through my Telegram, Twitter, YouTube: Podcasts, AMA sessions, posting, contests, courses and collaborations. I’ve been an active participant in the ecosystem for almost a year.

I also created Optimism_Collab to help the ecosystem grow through collaborations and cooperation of interested projects.

Why do you want to become a badgeholder?
I have a good understanding of how RPGF works and all of my grant applications have been approved. I have analyzed the work of BHs and Contributors involved in RPGF3 & RPGF2. I have also presented my vision for the next rounds in this thread: RetroPGF Experimentation: Voting Algorithms - #11 by ZEFIRIUM.

I am sure that I can benefit the community, unite the efforts of the contributors and help with the systematization of jamming techniques and their verification.

What are your areas of expertise?
Community and education. ETH ecosystem analytics and L2 solutions.
Collaboration and workflow organization.

Contact point:
Telegram: @serg260597 (preferred method for communication)
Telegram channel: Telegram: Contact @ZEFIRIUM_CRYPTO


Discord: zefirium.eth


Hi Everyone!

Who are you?
My name is Hanson, the founder of a small start up called Plastic Flux. In a nutshell, Plastic Flux takes plastic waste that would normally end up in the landfill and transforms it into elegant furniture and household goods.

Why do you want to become a badgeholder?
I aspire to become a badgeholder because, despite being new to the Collective, I am profoundly moved by Optimistic Vision. My goal is to serve as a bridge connecting the Web3/Collective community with passionate individuals striving to create climate solutions and promote the circular economy. I aim to be the connection and navigator that empowers innovators by facilitating collaboration with early adopters with the ultimate goal of fostering the development of public goods.

What are your areas of expertise?
Community Building | Early Stage Start Up Development | Network within Circular Economy and among individuals focused on tackling climate change

Contact point:
Discord: hansonpotatoes

Relevant info you think should be here (leave it empty if not):
Here’s my small start up -

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Hello everyone! Thank you for expressing your interest in becoming a badge holder. However, this thread was dedicated to indicating interest for RetroPGF 3. For future rounds, I believe there isn’t a process in place yet for selecting new badge holders, so there’s no need to express your intentions at this moment. Nonetheless, I appreciate your activity in the Optimism Forum. To stay updated on the next round of RetroPGF, please follow the “RetroPGF” category on Discord. Have a fantastic week!