Seeking Mission Request Sponsorship

Reminder to everyone here looking for sponsorship!

Mission Requests specify the work to be done but DO NOT specify which team will complete the work. Once Mission Requests are approved, you may submit a Mission Application to fulfill the work outlined.

In other words, Mission Requests are NOT how you apply for a grant, Mission Applications are :slight_smile: Mission Applications will be able to be submitted at the start of Voting Cycle #19, after the Mission Requests are approved. Misision Application Guide here.

Mission Requests should look like Requests for Proposals or specs. You should not be pitching your solution in a Mission Request. Mission Requests should not mention any specific teams.

To use our governance v2 contract, built by Agora, as an example:

Mission Request:
“Build governance v3 contract” :white_check_mark:

“Support Agora in building a governance v3 contract” :o:

Agora could apply to the “Build governance v3 contract” in Voting Cycle #19 via a Mission Application.

See Mission Request FAQ here.