Second Governance Call August 16th

Hi everyone, we have our second governance call scheduled for next Tuesday, August 16th (one week from today) at 10am PT/1pm ET, 7pm CET. The meeting details and agenda are below. The call is open to anyone in the OP Community to join. Please reach out to me if you would like to be added to the agenda. Looking forward to another great call!


  • Previous voting cycle
  • Current governance cycle
  • Upcoming governance cycle
  • Open Discussion - Foundation Proposal Feedback
    • Governance Committees
    • Proposal Template V2
  • Open Discussion - General

Meeting Info

Please download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 964 3417 4431
Passcode: 368400


Great, looking forward to it. Thanks for setting it all up again!


I’ll get the coffee ready and try to make it.
Thanks for taking the initiative and lead, and organising these for the whole community.

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Appreciate the efforts in taking lead on it, looking forward to it.


Looking forward to the call !


Replying to bump this. 1 hour.

Hopefully will make it again this time, but like last time I’m overlapping with another meeting so might have to have a different headphone in each ear… If I disconnect or miss anything I hope you don’t interpret it as rudeness!

My scheduling clash should be resolved by our 3rd meeting :crossed_fingers: .


Thank you to everyone that attended and participated in the second governance call! Topics discussed are listed below, as well as a link to the recording. If anyone else is interested in facilitating, please reach out!

  • No sale rule for updated proposal template V2 - Ben will respond on Forum
  • Governance Committee proposal template created by the Foundation - proposals need to be submitted by August 18th for feedback
  • Governance Committee compensation - fixed rate vs per proposal, $10,000 per committee for the season with possibility of additional $40,000 dependent on performance
  • Governance Committee areas of expertise - up to the Community to decide, topics suggested are suggestion only
  • Governance Committee template for recommendations - importance, impact, growth, amount of tokens requested
  • Vote redelegation - inactive delegates redelegating to active delegates, currently not an option
  • Governance Committees reviewing each proposal - will be included in updated proposal template V2, potential for multiple committees in the future that are randomly assigned
  • Growth Committee
    Conflict of Interest Committee - element of accountability, track what grant recipients are up to
  • Voter turnout - currently takes 11 delegates to create a quorum, 12% of OP supply is currently delegated, potential for delegation limits and redelegation in the future
  • Reflection period - positive feedback overall
  • Governance experience - helpful to have more information on YouTube, documentation in one place, currently updating proposal process
  • Delegate discussion channel - adding another qualifier other than 0.5% voting power such as voter and feedback participation

Passcode: d+D6cDa*