SavePakistan launch the first ever NFTs tied to real world humanitarian relief goods on Optimism

Save Pakistan’s revolutionary relief NFTs

Dear Optimism community,

On behalf of our team of volunteers, we’re excited and honoured to share with you an initiative we’ve been working on for the last 3 months - and decided to make the historical NFT relief initative OP native.

We’d greatly appreciate your support, feedback, donation, share, retweet. Please, vote with your crypto - no matter of the amount. Let’s help save people’s lives in Pakistan and help them become a little bit more optimistic for the future :pray:

This Christmas (2022) the Optimism NFT community will be able to mint ration bags, hygiene kits, clean & safe water, temporary shelters, and Tayaba’s revolutionary eco-friendly portable toilets & Help2Others water storage / transportation wheels as NFTs; with those real world items going directly to the frontlines of the humanitarian catastrophe ongoing in Pakistan!

This means that, for the first time ever, people can choose exactly how they want to support relief efforts during this crisis. The NFTs will be supported with robust, retroactive, transparent multi-page impact reporting, like the one featured here from our earlier fundraising efforts, accounting for every dollar raised.

All proceeds from the mint will be transferred into the Save Pakistan multi signature wallet controlled by trusted industry leaders & then distributed transparently to the front line of the emergency immediately with impact reports by our founders Tayaba.

Ongoing, major humanitarian catastrophe caused by climate disaster fuelled flooding in Pakistan :rotating_light:

Currently in Pakistan 1/3rd of the country is underwater, more than 1730 people have died, 4.4M+ acres of crops have been destroyed, and 1.164M+ livestock have been lost.

The catastrophic flooding has destroyed 2.28M+ homes and displaced 50 million people to date.

More about the NFT mint

Save Pakistan Relief NFTs can be minted on Optimism as of Dec 22 at 3pm UTC with OP tokens, ETH, USDC or USDT!

You will be able to support the people of Pakistan by minting the following relief NFTs, that will be distributed as real world support to the frontlines of the crisis:

5000 $30 Ration Bags

1 ration bag contains sugar(3kg), flour (20kg), rice (5kg), tea (180gm), pulse/lentils (3kg), salt iodized (800g), cooking oil (3L) and serves 7–8 people

1000 $100 Temporary Shelters

Temporary shelters and security for displaced families whose houses are fully damaged and serve a family of 6–7 people.

5000 $10 Hygiene Kits

Hygiene kits contain bathing & laundry soaps, menstrual hygiene management kits (including reusable cloth paths being produced by marginalized/rural female entrepreneurs, mosquito repellent lotions and serve 7–8 people for 1 month.

1000 $65 Eco-friendly Portable Toilets

Made from environment-friendly and locally-sourced materials such as bamboo sticks, designed to ensure privacy with a locking system and can serve at least 5 families.

500 $35 10,000L Clean & Safe Water Packs

Provision of clean water through household or communal level filtration or safe sources.

5000 $25 H2O Wheels

40 liter safe water transporter and storage containers pioneered by our founding partner organization Tayaba.

Save Pakistan NFT art was created by Shaikh Danial; an Award-Winning Pakistani Creative Director, Consultant, Social and Media Entrepreneur. With over a decade of professional experience working with 21st Century Fox, Universal Picture, Disney, Pixar, World Bank Group, United Nations, UNICEF, Google, and other global brands, Shaikh Danial has been featured on Daily Times and various publications for his brilliance in the industry and his efforts on the BAPES CLAN, BAYC and Web3 Space. Shaikh Danial is also the founder of World’s First CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Media House & Agency, Social Junction Pvt. Ltd. And Mindkix Labs (Web 3.0 Company) as well as a winner of 15 global awards and over 30 nominations for his contributions in the industry.

Shaikh Danial’s Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

The impact so far has been extraordinary

Since inception in September this year, SavePakistan.crypto has already supported over 2 thousand people with its relief efforts in Mirpurkhas, distributing ration bags, sanitation & H2O wheels to more than 200 families!

Save Pakistan’s founding partners on the ground, Tayaba, built the first ever eco-friendly and sustainable sanitation system made from locally sourced materials, such as bamboo, that gets functional within 5–7 days, serving up to 60 people. The portable toilets provide a hygienic drainage system through a PVC pipe and a proper water closet system, with an appropriate locking system and cloth cover to ensure privacy. The team set up 10 portable toilets in the Kewro Nuqrich UC Samaro and the Ali Bux Kaloi near Kot Mir Jan.

They also pioneered the H2O (Help-2-Others) Wheel, a 40-litre clean water transporter and storage container. The team distributed 70 H2O Wheels to 70 families in the village of Ali Bux Kaloi alone.

The ration bags include dry food like sugar (3kg), flour (20kg), rice (5kg), tea (180gm), pulse/lentils (3kg), salt iodized (800gm), and cooking oil (3L), enough to serve 7–8 people for 15–20 days. The team distributed 200 ration bags to 200 families in Mirpurkhas.

The Save Pakistan initiative was created to raise funds and provide emergency relief goods to people affected by floods in Pakistan. The initiative is spearheaded by professionals from Unchain Fund, Tayaba Organisation and climate activists worldwide.

CJ Hetherington (@cjh), a Web3 entrepreneur, helping to drive forward the initiative, explained that:

“This is an evolutionary opportunity for members of the Optimism Collective and wider NFT community to own & curate the life saving impact they’re able to provide to the frontlines of a humanitarian catastrophe. With years of experience, the deep rural penetration and modern logistics driven by our founding partners Tayaba in Pakistan and other ground-level NGOs and stakeholders reflect that we can provide instant impact — saving thousands of lives.

We’re very excited to move into this model whereby people can purchase goods like emergency shelters, ration bags & clean water as NFTs and see them provably distributed to families in need on the ground in Pakistan with robust retroactive impact reporting. We’re deeply grateful for the support of the Optimism community!”

Previously, Tayaba’s work has been recognised by the Ministry of Water Resources of Pakistan. The founder, Bilal Bin Saqib from Pakistan, is a Web3 enthusiast who has received the Points of Light Award from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for relief work during the COVID-19 pandemic and received a letter of appreciation from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s office. Bilal was also named in Forbes 30U30 Asia.

Bilal Bin Saqib mentioned:

“The crypto adoption in Pakistan is tremendous. About 9 Million Pakistanis own cryptocurrencies, and their cumulative ownership amounts to $20B, almost twice the amount in Pakistan’s foreign reserves. Pakistan, the world’s 5th most populous country, is ranked 3rd in Chanialysis Global Crypto Adoption Index 2020–21. Yet the government has prohibited the use of crypto; however, an initiative like SavePakistan.crypto does not only help the flood affectees but is also helping lobby the government to ease regulations and policy making towards crypto.”

The Multisig

Drawing inspiration from Unchain’s previously pioneered model which raised ~ $10M humanitarian aid in Ukraine, including a $2.5M donation from Vitalik Buterin, Save Pakistan disburses all the donations raised from crypto community led initiatives among major grassroots-level partners with deep penetration and access to marginalized and flood-affected areas from a multi-signature wallet controlled by trusted industry leaders.

Azeem Khan — Fundraising & Partnerships Lead at Gitcoin
Binji Pande — OP Labs
Rev Miller — Atlantis World & Unchain Fund
Manu Alzuru — DoinGud
Bilal bin Saqib — Tayaba & One Million Meals
CJ Hetherington — Atlantis World & Unchain Fund
// if anybody’s interested in joining multisig, feel free to contact us

The NFTs will launch on Dec 22 at 3pm UTC on Optimism

Don’t forget to follow the Save Pakistan Twitter & TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS SO YOU DON’T MISS IT :rotating_light: :point_down:

You can also follow Save Pakistan on Instagram & LinkedIn!

Tech Team

A special thank you to the extraordinary software engineers that turned the vision of Save Pakistan Relief NFTs from a vision to a tangible, life saving reality!

Andrew O’Brien — Smart Contracts, OpenQ
Carlo Miguel Dy — Smart Contracts, Atlantis World
Max Schnaider — Front End, Atlantis World
Rachit Srivastava — Smart Contract Security, Atlantis World & Nethermind

For technical implementation, the smart contract is built using Hardhat, it extends from OpenZeppelin’s contracts that supports upgradeability such as ERC1155Upgradeable, AccessControlUpgradeable, to mention a few. It supports ETH, USDC, USDT and OP tokens as mode of payment, not only that but it also uses Chainlink’s price aggregator for fetching live native ETH’s USD value as the contract supports native currency for purchasing the NFTs.

For handling the metadata the tech team uses Filecoin’s NFT.Storage for seamlessly uploading and pinning the metadata on IPFS.

If you want to check it out yourself, the Save Pakistan Relief NFTs monorepo is public on GitHub!

Beyond that, the frontend is fully open-sourced and built on top of community-driven tools. Vue.js as a main FE framework, with it’s Pinia state management and composables architecture. Tanstack’s Vue-Query plus Axios for networking. Ethers.js plus Typechain plus Vagmi ( for web3. Layout and styling made with Tailwind.css. Everything is type-safe, thanks to TypeScript. Finally, Vite + Vitest for bundling and tests. The template is available on Max Schnaider / gm-web3 · GitLab

It’s time to vote with your crypto!


:red_circle: We’re LIVE!

:santa: Help to save lives in Pakistan this Christmas by minting NFTs tied to real world humanitarian support goods !

:sos: 100% of the funds raised will go directly to help people!

MINT NOW: on Optimism!

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I was a little hesitant about this, just because I don’t have that much experience with NFTs and tend to avoid anything that looks too colourful, but Azeem has tweeted about the mint and the cause seems worth taking a little risk on.

Anyway, transaction seems to have been okay and also your donation amounts are actually slightly lower than you’ve quoted above ($65 for a toilet rather than $70 for example).

Good luck with the relief campaign, hopefully some others here who were hesitant might take a look at this comment and transaction and decide to donate.


I am always hesitant about FIAT-like models going into crypto with the same vices. That’s why I think there has to be an extra effort in making It different and experimenting with ways of doing things crystal clear.

This seems a legit project, but I’d appreciate (and the crypto industry) an independent report where there’s a follow-up on how the resources have been delivered, etc. For starters, I would make a public offer to select the best provider in a way that conflict of interest can be avoided.

Again, not easy, and not asking for this fund-raising to solve a very complex problem, but it’d be appreciated if some try to go beyond the usual FIAT thing:

The best for Pakistan and I hope much money can be raised.


Thank you for taking the time to review the initiative, @MinimalGravitas @TheDoctor - our team of volunteers appreciates your feedback and support! :pray: :red_circle: :sparkles:

SavePakistan initiative might be the first one to leverage NFTs at such scale to provide humanitarian aid to the frontlines of humanitarian catastrophe in Pakistan. SavePakistan does also fundraise via crypto donations. The notion of NFTs as public good introduces a powerful use case of NFTs tied to real-world relief items - people help save lives, and keep a meaningful NFT ‘trophy/badge’ of their support.

Thanks for noticing the typo @MinimalGravitas - updated the price.

We’re happy to provide as much transparency as possible, and in fact Tayaba has already prepared transparency report of their recent work Flood Facilitation-Mirpur Khas-November-2022-SavePak.pdf - Google Drive (shared in original post too).

I hear you @TheDoctor, those are valid points. The transparency and trust are vital in humanitarian relief efforts, and, as mentioned - we’re happy to provide the necessary proofs, host community Q&A, and just altogether lead the initiative.

We have public telegram group for anyone who’d like to be involved, clarify any concerns, share the feedback and contribute in any capacity one would like - Telegram: Join Group Chat

NOTE: our contributor/volunteer team is global, and most of us have never been to Pakistan. in fact, me & @cjh (co-founder @ Atlantis World), are helping Pakistan while being in Ukraine - most of the time without electricity, sometimes water, with daily air raid sirens sounds, and missiles striking the country, including the Kyiv - where we stay and help people.


Minted one. Happy to support this :heart:

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Will you share the txs for donations?

Hey @Urban_Raccoon, thank you for support! Yes, we’ll be sharing transparency report + txs!

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Awesome! Great initiative.

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