Early Access - Optimism is live in Tally Ho!

:wave: What’s up OP Collective -

We’re the team behind the Tally Ho wallet, the community-owned alternative to MetaMask.

We wanted to offer you an :sparkles: early look :sparkles: at our Optimism integration before the public announcement next week.

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Last month we got 70,000+ signatures on our #defendWeb3 pledge(!) and we’ll be launching our on-chain DAO soon… so the OP integration is coming at an exciting time.

We wanted to invite you to try out our OP support before the public for 2 reasons:

:point_right: We’d love to hear your early feedback! - As part of the core OP community, we’d love have a priority channel to hear your thoughts so we can prioritize any fixes or features you’d like us to implement. We already support Optimism NFTs and in-wallet swaps on Optimism… and long term one of our goals is to be easiest way for newbies to onboarding straight to OP, skipping L1 entirely. If you find a bug in this version, or just have a wallet idea you’d love to see someone someone implement, let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

:male_detective: Mini alpha leak - We’re running some growth campaigns next week alongside the announcement and would love to make sure the core OP community has the chance to get involved! We’ll be doing Optimism NFT giveaways on Twitter and also running campaigns for you to earn GALXE NFTs. So definitely keep an eye on our Twitter next week… and if you want to be first in line on the GALXE quests, it couldn’t hurt to start using the wallet on OP now :wink:

Many thanks to everyone who’s able to try out the wallet!

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Really excited to hear what the OP community thinks of the wallet!


It sounds great for the OP Comunity. I wish you the best. I’ll stay tuned


Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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I love this wallet Tally!! :star_struck:

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My favorite wallet!

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nice work! I need to install this wallet

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