[GF: Phase 0 Proposal] DefiLlama

Project Name: DefiLlama

Author Name: 0xngmi

Defillama TVL (at snapshot): 0 (not a protocol)

Transactons/day (at snapshot): 0 (not a protocol)

Tier: None

Optimism native: No

Number of OP tokens to claim: 500k (no idea about this number since there’s no guidance, feel free to change it to any number you want)

L2 Recipient Address: 0x08a3c2A819E3de7ACa384c798269B3Ce1CD0e437

Proposal for token distribution (under 1000 words):

How will the OP tokens be distributed?
They will be used to cover defillama costs.

How will this distribution incentivize usage and liquidity on Optimism?
It won’t, but it will fund a public good.


The one and only benefit for optimism is that you’ll fund a public good and that defillama is helpful for people looking to get analytics on optimism.
We believe that it’s important that we stay completely neutral, so we will strictly not offer any benefits to optimism for this grant. We won’t prioritize anything related to optimism due to this grant and we will treat optimism exactly the same whether this grant gets accepted or not.

In other words, we are asking for a donation. We believe that our previous work speaks for itself and since we are neutrality maxis we don’t want to go into any deal that would bias us.

Atm we currently run entirely out of donations.


DefiLlama’s work is incredible, one of the most used tools in the ecosystem.

It is a public good aligned to the ecosystem ethos.

I support this proposal!

Although I think they profile better for Phase 1.



I think you guys would qualify for Phase 1.

Love the project


This is Defillama’s real account? I don’t see any mention in their official accounts yet.


I have been looking and it is the same address they have for donations on their website.

On the other hand it is different the address they have set up on Gitcoin.

I still think that steps need to be taken to validate that it is people from the protocol/project/public good who are applying for this phase 0


I too support DefiLlamas proposal only under the clause that it is used for tutorials/workshops (although a partnership isn’t necessarily needed); The fact that it is a Public Good is great but I believe their platform could somehow educate users without being direct collaborators. A DYOR Type of ideal where DefiLlama makes educational content without direct affiliation with Optimism.


Likewise I believe that as a Phase 1 airdrop DefiLlama ought to be added, and a confirmation of their grants/donation address is needed.


address confirmation

As it has already been mentioned, the same address can be seen on defillama.com (click on “Donate” in the lower left corner). The reason why gitcoin address is not the same is that i’d like to change the address there. I’ve contacted gitcoin about it but it seems almost impossible.

Phase 0 vs Phase 1

I asked on discord about submitting a proposal for phase 0 since we are not actually a protocol and got told that it was fine. However, there’s no issue if it gets rejected, I understand that defillama doesn’t fall into the main purpose of this airdrop phase.

their platform could somehow educate users

We have a wiki for that very same purpose


It’s always good to see Public Goods project like DefiLlama apply for Governance Fund on OP. By the way, I believe that the phase might be phase 1 instead according to the detail here.

Project Name: DefiLlama
Author Name: 0xngmi
Defillama TVL (at snapshot): 0 (not a protocol)
Transactions/day (at snapshot): 0 (not a protocol)

For metric-wise, as DefiLlama is not a protocol, but provide values to OP ecosystem in certain angle, I believe that it may be beneficial for voters to see relevant metrics that DefiLlama occasionally monitors.

Relevant Usage Metrics: (TVL, transactions, volume, unique addresses, etc.)

You can refer to this phase 1 proposal template.

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Absolutely agree with this proposal. The folks at Defillama have made an incredible contribution to the DeFi community, and the donation tool is in keeping with Optimism’s philosophy: outright contributions to those who promote the growth of the Network.

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DeFiLlama = good for Optimism.

It’s by far the primary source of TVL and other data I turn to - makes sense to include them IMO if the goal is funding Public Goods and creating a positive feedback loop. I support this 100%!

At first I thought that what kind of proposal is this, until I dyor on who they are, it’ll be nice if the proposal is approved

I use defillama every day. Good luck!

Hi, great innovative project, out of the main network test as soon as possible.

Hi, I usually don’t post because I feel not competent enough, but I was happy to see this proposal. DefiLlama is a great tool many of us use on a regular basis without even realizing how lucky we are that it’s free!

I’ll vote for when time comes :wink:

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Many Crypto People now use DefiLIama ! I support this proposal ser : )

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Defillama is an invaluable resource. I would be glad to see them rewarded for their contribution to the defispace. I love their proposal and strong principle of staying credibly neutral:)
Good luck to Defillama!

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I’m in support of this proposal DefiLlama is a public good, the kind of which Optimism seeks to incentivize. Though not a protocol or tooling, DefiLlama is a contender for the “home page of defi” tag thanks to the comprehensive protocol level data available easily to users

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Agree DefiLlama is a good proponent for a Grant distribution.

My main consideration to the proposal is that the 500k $OP tokens suggested looks like too many (lets see later how much in $ term it is). DefiLlama should share a breakdown of the expenses they have to run the site. Also as an entity receiving funds from other sources/donations (i.e. Gitcoin,…) those should be disclosed too.

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That seems reasonable. Make it 400,000 $OP tokens then. They def deserve an economic reward IMO regardless of $ value.

I know the DeFiLlama team is deeply committed to transparency especially around these sort of questions so I don’t foresee any issues from their leadership sharing relevant details.

Perhaps some information on how their plans for data availability and transparency positives impacts everyone in crypto could be shared so not as to change their stance on remaining neutral.

Also, they have big ambitions that this Public Goods funding will play a big role in - which again - indirectly benefits us all. I really cant find any reason to not grant them an award considering it is one of the most highly used tools I use as someone who works full-time in crypto and it is all completely free to access.

Llama, DeFi and OP FTW!

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