A passerby gives optimistic feedback (翻譯有誤請見諒)

I’m a six-year crypto CEX player
Very concerned about this optimistic hot topic
Would like to make some personal comments to provide feedback
I’m sorry my English is not good, I can only type in Chinese, I’m afraid there will be errors in the translation, please forgive me

For this optimistic airdrop was dumped, the personal analysis is as follows

  1. Because arbitrage players get profit-taking
  2. It is still in a bear market, too many people lose money and want to exchange some money to make up for it
  3. Optimistic re-emission airdrop #1 creates chaos and loses confidence in the market

Optimism has the right to reduce the reward for dumpers
But since optimism gives the token to the holder
The holder has the right to buy and sell currency freely
And optimism can also set new rules
for my personal opinion
I would divide the holders into 4 blocks

  1. No dumping (should be more rewarded)
  2. Dump 25% (should be flat)
  3. Dump 50% (should reduce some shares)
  4. Dump 75% (should reduce a large share)
    To measure the contribution of the wallet to the ecology
    But I think you should use objectivism instead of coercion
    Optimism must be announced first
    Let holders know the rules
    Then set a snapshot date
    Let the dumper have confidence in optimism
    Can be bought back in time
    In this way, a fair mechanism is created

After the snapshot
For the four blocks divided above
Issuing non-transferable NFTs
Setting new standards for wallets
to adjust the proportion of the next airdrop
I won’t discuss the weight part.
The community can discuss on its own

Then for dumpers there will definitely be an airdrop for #2
Open a new wallet
1 new wallet standard can be defined
(Assuming you hold 300 OPs) you can get 100%
Those who do not hold OP but participate in the DAPP ecosystem get 50%
Let OP have a certain value

Then you can put part of the airdrop
Open staking rewards on the mainnet
Allow OP holders to pledge
You can get OP to get rewards
With a functional market there will be less dumping
And it can make more people want to hold

Actually, I think only 5% of the airdrop will be released this time.
But there have been heated discussions in the market
that’s great
Although optimistic the current price although not in line with market expectations
But dumping coins always has an end
Continue to improve prices will stabilize

For the witch I think this time did a good job
Filtered 17K, plus the HOP filtered part
Although not all filtered, but at least the basic list is available
also mastered a large part of
well done i think

After all, ecology has to give the market some space
And if the wallet requires 1 person to only have 1, it is too strict
After all, not everyone is familiar with wallet authorization
I also worry about wallet security concerns, and use a second wallet for shunting
Or transfer money between family members if unfortunately excluded
This is ecologically repelling
Therefore, it is not recommended to continue the rigorous investigation.
Too strict filtering will only reduce ecological activity

These are my personal thoughts from my recent observation of Optimistic Airdrop #1
Provide feedback to the community
Hope it will help the community