Rodrigo NuñΞz 〜 Delegate Comms DeSci/ReFi/Votes/Evaluation Thread 🔬

My name is Rodrigo NuñΞz and this is my delegate statement.

My interest in becoming a delegate stems from exploring the governance forum for several months and applying to RetroPGF3, where I realized that there are few to no initiatives in Decentralized Science (DeSci), especially in the field of Conservation Biology integrating impact and socio-ecological regenerative models, within the Optimism collective.

Special thanks to @secretpikachu for this awesome Scuba Regen Sunny artwork!!

A few weeks ago, Brichis.eth encouraged me to submit my proposal, and recently, we had a space on Twitter/X where I introduced myself as a delegate along with carlosjmelgar.eth and the Latin community. My goal is to contribute to sustainability and regeneration efforts, aiming to have a positive impact.

My work involves building communities, seeking diverse funding, conducting scientific outreach activities, fostering discussions on sustainable innovation, organizing collaborative meetings, contributing to the regeneration of ecosystems and connectivity, particularly coral reefs, ensuring transparent accountability, and participating in intellectual leadership.

My focus is on advocating for this field as a delegate to explore governance and scale initiatives through new models of DeSci + ReFi = ReSci, which are inclusive in different nations vulnerable due to situations related to the Anthropocene, such as Latin America.

Public goods like DeSci thrive and regenerate with Optimism! :ocean::dna::seedling::computer::busts_in_silhouette::chains::red_circle::sparkles:

Conflict of Interest Disclosure:

1. I’m part of the core team of MesoReefDAO.
2. I’m one of the co-leads of Greenpill Mexico Chapter.
3. I am the Spanish translator of Week In Ethereum News, an independent extension of the original version with the creators’ permission, which is a public goods initiative for dissemination.

Note: You may find that my initial decisions are based on straightforward reasoning, but rest assured, as I progress along my learning journey, I’ll undoubtedly enhance my decision-making processes. I would like to emphasize that I greatly value the diversity of perspectives. If you have a different vision than mine, I invite you to share it. I firmly believe that the exchange of ideas enriches the collective and contributes to building a more accessible and decentralized governance. Furthermore, I am particularly interested in exploring the socioecological impact and applications of our decisions. Understanding how our actions affect the environment and society at large is crucial for creating sustainable and inclusive governance models. I also advocate for the incorporation of public goods and environmental assessment frameworks into our decision-making processes to ensure that we consider the broader impact of our actions on the environment and society.

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