Retroactive Delegate Rewards: Season 3

Retroactive Delegate Rewards: Season 3

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to our delegates for their continued dedication to experimentation and iteration. This Season, Token House experimented with a Grants Council and a new Protocol Delegation Program, and voted on the Collective’s first ever upgrade proposal (Bedrock!). Votable supply increased from 22M to 40MM and we transitioned to on-chain voting with the help of Agora. The Citizens’ House also launched with an initial set of Citizens, including 10 elected Token House badgeholders, distributing 10M OP in RetroPGF Round 2 :sparkles: :red_circle:

In recognition of the important contributions of Token House delegates, the Foundation will retroactively reward active delegates from Season 3. The below criteria recognizes top delegates that voted in Season 3, which included the historic Bedrock Proposal, the first Optimism protocol upgrade to be approved by governance. Additionally, there are extra rewards available to delegates that have embraced participation and contribution across the Collective. Please remember this criteria is only being used for Season 3 and is likely to change in future Seasons as governance continues to evolve.

Protocols that meet both of the below criteria are eligible to receive 1,500 OP:

  • 0.25% delegated voting power, excluding delegations made by the Foundation to protocols participating in the Protocol Delegation Program
  • Voted in Season 3

Additionally, protocols that meet both of the above criteria are eligible for additional rewards, as outlined below:

Criteria Definition Reasoning Additional OP
Increased the resiliency of our governance system Voted on the Agora test vote As we continue to decentralize, delegates play an important role in strengthening the resiliency of our governance system 250 OP
Participated in Reflection Period Voted in Special Voting Cycle #9a or #9b AND badgeholder elections Optimism governance is an iterative experiment. Delegate engagement during Reflection Periods is a crucial part of the feedback process 500 OP
Contributed across the Collective Nominated a final project for RetroPGF RetroPGF is core to the Optimistic Vision. To achieve this Vision, the Token House and Citizens’ House must work together as a Collective 1,000 OP

Qualifying delegates

Delegates with > 0.25% voting power Voted in Season 3 Agora test vote Reflection Period Nominated RetroPGF Project Total
OPSNXambassadors.eth 1500 OP 250 OP 500 OP 1000 OP 3250 OP
lindajxie.eth 1500 OP 250 OP 500 OP 2250 OP
polynya.eth 1500 OP 250 OP 500 OP 1000 OP 3250 OP
gfxlabs.eth 1500 OP 250 OP 500 OP* 2250 OP
lefteris.eth 1500 OP 500 OP 1000 OP 3000 OP
Carnegie Mellon 1500 OP 250 OP 1750 OP
404 DAO 1500 OP 250 OP 1750 OP
Blockchain@USC 1500 OP 1500 OP
Boiler Blockchain 1500 OP 1500 OP
olimpio.eth 1500 OP 250 OP 500 OP 2250 OP
katiegarcia.eth 1500 OP 500 OP 2000 OP
l2beatcom.eth 1500 OP 500 OP 1000 OP 3000 OP
0x Protocol 1500 OP 250 OP 1750 OP
Penn Blockchain 1500 OP 250 OP 500 OP 2250 OP
mjs.eth 1500 OP 500 OP 2000 OP
jacob.willemsma.eth 1500 OP 250 OP 1750 OP
PoolCollective 1500 OP 250 OP 500 OP 2250 OP
jackanorak.eth 1500 OP 500 OP 2000 OP
Sugma.eth 1500 OP 250 OP 500 OP 2250 OP
she256.eth 1500 OP 500 OP 2000 OP
solarcurve.eth 1500 OP 500 OP 2000 OP
MinimalGravitas.eth 1500 OP 250 OP 500 OP 2250 OP
anonymous 1500 OP 1500 OP
joxes.defilatam.eth 1500 OP 250 OP 500 OP 2250 OP
Nathanvdh.eth 1500 OP 250 OP 500 OP 1000 OP 3250 OP
Dhannte.eth / Gonna.eth 1500 OP 250 OP 500 OP 1000 OP 3250 OP

*GFX participated in these votes but was prevented from executing votes due to well documented voting issues on Snapshot

If you met the “contributed across the Collective” criteria but were not added to the list because forum name(s) do not clearly tie to your on-chain address, please DM lavande#3900 by end of day Monday, April 17th.
Note: Snapshot as of 04/06/23

In addition to the above rewards, Grants Council Members will receive the following:

  • Reviewers: 10,000 OP each
  • Council Lead: 15,000 OP

These rewards are in recognition that Council contributions greatly exceeded the estimated contributions in the Grants Council proposal (in terms of hours per week required to fulfill responsibilities). As with all experiments, the Grants Council was new in Season 3 and it was hard to estimate the impact the Council would have in advance. Retroactive rewards allow us to correct for this underestimation, and these rewards, which come from the Unallocated portion of rewards and not the Governance Fund, are meant to better reflect the positive impact created by the members of the Grants Council.

Grants Council members:

  • Builders Sub-Council
    • jackanorak.eth
    • gonna.eth
    • delegate.l2beat.eth
  • Growth Sub-Council
    • shrub.eth
    • Matt L
    • Sugma.eth
    • katiegarcia.eth
    • gfxlabs.eth
  • Council Lead
    • danelund.eth

Consistent with other grant distributions, all delegate rewards will be subject to a KYC and claims flow process.

Delegate rewards will continue to be allocated retroactively. Once governance has further stabilized, an ongoing delegate rewards policy may be implemented, subject to a governance vote. This round of retroactive delegate rewards will be allocated from the “Unallocated” portion of the Ecosystem Fund, not the Governance Fund (and is therefore not subject to Token House approval).

Delegates are a critical part of Optimism governance. Without delegates, we cannot effectively execute on the Optimistic Vision. We know being a delegate requires a serious time commitment and we are grateful for your engagement in building the governance system of the Collective.


I am a big fan of retroactively tying delegate rewards to various important governance activities, and having the collection of these activities be the bulk of potential rewards. Well done.


I agree.

And the rewards are very generous, too.
It can inspire community members to get involved more, become a larger Delegate or get on the Council, participate proactively in that role, and ideally meet the criteria for any future reward rounds similar to this.