[Recording & Recap] 22nd OP Community Governance Call

Hey Optimists!

Recording Link: June 20th, 2023 community call.mp4 - Google Drive

Great call with a lot of discussion, here are some of the highlights:

  • KYC for Grants:
    • In the case of a single grant recipient, the owner of the wallet (AKA the alliance leader) needs to KYC
    • In the case of multi-sigs, every owner on the multisig needs to KYC
    • An organization can receive the funds in which case they would need to KYC
  • Curve proposal update:
    • Curve wasn’t able to complete the KYC process, resulting in the grant still not being distributed. Is still in process to figure out the issue.
  • Data-driven Content Performance:
    • Is an open discussion for RetroPGF round 3 on how we can measure impact. Specifically to quality content, mentioning objective metrics to quantify impact and make it easier for badgeholders to vote. To take a deeper look here’s the link to the post Data-driven content performance
  • Missions discussions:
    • Great conversation over some interesting points on the voting process and details on how grants and funding is distributed.
    • Creating a Discord session for pitching mission proposals is in discussion for next week before the voting starts, the dates are not decided yet but they’ll be announced soon!
  • @kaereste, we should pick a time/date to host this!

Also went over a couple of proposals for feedback and more understanding over the missions proposals submission, in addition to more clarification over topics like the difference between critical milestones and progress towards completion. For more accurate information check this post Collective Grant Policies

With Season 4 getting into full swing this is sure to be a jam-packed call.

Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84087544843?pwd=cVpweHpEa2drYVRDZ1U0UklYSnR1QT09

See you there!


Would it be possible to set up where I can add these planned calls to my google calendar?

A subject I’d love to talk about on the call is the topic discussed here: [Measuring Impact] Data-Driven Content Performance in the context of Mission proposals and how one should base their requested grant amount based on impact rather than time spent working.

Would love to get more insights and feedback as @lee0007 does raise some very important points.


Didnt want to spam this thread but Curve proposal is archived and cant comment there.

Its been 209 days or almost 7 months since their proposal was approved and I am not sure if the grant is processed or not ? What is causing this delay, is it because of some legal requirement from OP Foundation that Curve is not willing to fulfill ?

Unforeseen delay are expected and we must respect legal rules in place but can we have an update on the current status. I see this as win-win, by keeping the collective informed, we show and respect transparency, important pillar of DAO or any organization in general and second, we can learn and avoid such challenges in future.

I would appreciate if you could bring this during the call and have someone from foundation comment on this, later i will watch the recording the transcript their comment for better accessibility.

cc proposal author @WormholeOracle

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Hey YungSB, make sure to add Optimism’s Governance Calendar to your Google Calendar and you’ll see all these planned events.


Bumping the post, call starting in ~40 minutes!