Governance Weekly Recap

Week of June 12, 2023


  1. The Grants Council remains open for Season 4 proposals. Cycle #13 applications will be accepted through June 22nd.
  2. Submit your Mission proposals by June 21st, and apply for Foundation Missions by June 28th. The voting period for Mission proposals begins on June 29th. To proceed to the voting stage each Mission proposal must receive four endorsements from delegates with enough voting power (.25% of votable supply).
  3. You may have noticed a new How To category in the forum. It contains stems to resources on subjects like how to stay up to date, how to delegate OP, how to contribute to OP rewards analytics, and how to get a grant.


Mission Proposals:

  • Take a look at the category and check out the many interesting ideas.

Foundation Missions (RFPs):

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Governance Calls

The next Governance Call is scheduled for Tuesday June 20th, 10am PT / 1pm ET / 7pm CET, on Zoom.

Quick Gov Links: Working Constitution | Operating Manual v0.3. 5 | Voting Portal | Optimism on Boardroom