Governance Weekly Recap

Weekly Governance Update: Week of December 11th, 2023


No new proposals were up for voting this week

In the Forums

Anticapture Commission Lead Nominations
This proposal invites nominations for the lead of the Anticapture Commission at Optimism. The commission is a critical component in maintaining a decentralized and balanced governance framework, aiming to safeguard against centralization and undue influence within the ecosystem. This initiative reflects Optimism’s commitment to equitable and community-driven governance. Forum

Token Sale – September 2023
The post details a token sale scheduled for September 2023 on Optimism, to widen token distribution and enhance community participation in governance. This event is pivotal in promoting a more inclusive and diverse governance structure within the Optimism network. Forum

Incentive Impact Analysis: Velodrome
This forum post provides a detailed analysis of the incentive structures related to Velodrome within Optimism. It aims to assess the effectiveness of these incentives in fostering user activity and growth, ensuring they align with the network’s broader strategic objectives. The analysis is crucial for fine-tuning incentive mechanisms to optimize platform engagement. Forum

Security Council: Vote #1 - Change to Security Model
The thread proposes significant changes to the security model of the Optimism network. It aims to enhance the network’s security infrastructure, focusing on increasing resilience against digital threats and ensuring robust operational security. This proposal is key in adapting to the dynamic landscape of network security. Forum

Mission Requests

Mission requests for Season 5, mentioned by community members and delegates including @gonna.eth and @michael

Seeking Mission Request Sponsorship
This discussion seeks sponsorship for a mission request on Optimism. The objective is to garner support for initiatives that align with Optimism’s strategic goals and values. The proposal emphasizes the importance of community involvement and backing in driving mission-centric projects forward. Forum

Marketing Council (MVP) Mission Request
The draft proposes the establishment of a Marketing Council, aimed at amplifying Optimism’s presence and reach. The council will focus on strategic marketing initiatives to enhance brand visibility and community engagement. Forum

Contract Secure Revenue (CSR) Mission Request
This draft mission request focuses on securing revenue through contracts on Optimism. It aims to develop a sustainable revenue model, enhancing the network’s financial stability and growth potential. Forum

Real World Data Storage Mission Request
The proposal outlines a mission to integrate real-world data storage solutions within Optimism. It emphasizes creating a robust framework for data storage, ensuring security and accessibility. Forum

Grants Council Platform Request
This proposal discusses the creation of a dedicated platform for the Grants Council on Optimism. The platform aims to streamline grant allocation processes, improving transparency and efficiency. Forum

Superchain Hackathon Mission Request
The draft proposes organizing a Superchain Hackathon, intending to foster innovation and community engagement within the Optimism ecosystem. The hackathon is geared towards encouraging development and collaboration on the network. Forum

Continuing Threads

RetroPGF Round 3 Feedback Thread
This thread invites the Optimism community to provide feedback on the third round of the Retroactive Public Goods Funding (RetroPGF). It is a space for sharing insights and experiences to refine the funding process and enhance its impact on public goods within the ecosystem. Forum

Signaling Intention to Become a Badgeholder
This proposal allows community members to signal their intention to become badgeholders in the Optimism ecosystem. It aims to broaden participation in governance and foster a more inclusive and representative decision-making process. Forum

RetroPGF Experimentation: Voting Algorithms
The thread discusses experimentation with voting algorithms for the RetroPGF initiative. It aims to explore innovative voting mechanisms that can enhance the efficiency and fairness of funding allocation for public goods on Optimism. Forum


OP Demo Day: A dive into some of the up-and-coming projects in the Optimism ecosystem! This is a community space and projects are present at their own discretion. Organized on OP discord