[READY] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] DexGuru

Project Name: DexGuru

Author Name: Maxim (@maksdizzy)

Number of OP tokens requested: 300,000

L2 Recipient Address:


Relevant Usage Metrics: (TVL, transactions, volume, unique addresses, etc.)

Monthly users: 700k (SimilarWeb)

Trading Volume on 0x API (7d): $3M (Metabase dashboard)

Including $1M on Optimism (39.38% of total volume)

Optimism alignment (up to 200 word explanation):

DexGuru, as a data-providing platform, aligns itself with the Optimism vision - helping users leverage the essence of cyberspace and information to profit through meaningful trading decisions.

The DexGuru platform provides on-chain analytics, a swap tool, multiple chains, and DEXs, leaving a lot to grasp for any level trader. Put simply, DexGuru offers data. We work hard to gather all relevant on-chain data to present it to DexGuru users in a helpful and efficient way. Data is collected from eight EVM compatible chains so DeFi traders on Optimism, Avalanche, Ethereum, Arbitrum, and others can enjoy the same trading experience when analyzing their favorite tokens. We monitor many unique DEXs and their pools for liquidity changes, trades, and price movements.

With our primary focus on building in the open, DexGuru provides an instant API with the most reliable on-chain market data for Ethereum, Optimism, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum, Celo, and Avalanche blockchains. Developers can use the API to find information about tokens’ prices, trading pairs, traders, AMMs, on-chain transactions, etc.

Proposal for token distribution (under 1000 words):

DexGuru is governed by GuruDAO, which is at the moment at the pre-DAO stage and looking forward to TGE of $GURU token.

How will the OP tokens be distributed?

100% GuruDAO grants for the community

GuruDAO encourages contributors to create new tools and protocols within the GuruDAO ecosystem and would like to provide grants to the most prominent proposals that will be beneficial to DexGuru and Optimism.
Our grant program will be based on supporting projects are using our Public API. DexGuru provides API for developers with reliable on-chain market data for Ethereum, Optimism, Binance Smart Chain, and other chains about tokens’ prices, trading pairs, traders, AMMs, on-chain transactions, etc.
Full support of the Optimism chain will be a requirement for such projects. Since we are providing multichain capabilities, it won’t be tied just specifically to Optimism and may support other chains as well. We had previous experience with the hackathon event during ETHDenver2022 and went very well - as a team, we distributed several grants to projects (more info can be found in our blog).
Decisions on grant distribution will be under GuruDAO control and go through the general governance process ( GuruDAO Bootstrap Phase proposal: [PROPOSAL] Governance process (snapshot.org)) We open to include an OP representative in the GuruDAO multisig. But it will be up to GuruDAO voting though.

How will this distribution incentivize usage and liquidity on Optimism?

The goals of DexGuru and GuruDAO are to provide the most relevant on-chain data and analytics along with the education for users on how to make meaningful trading decisions. The growth of our user base encourages new and existing DeFi users to advance and become well-informed, letting them use Optimism comfortably and bring more liquidity to the protocol.

Why will the incentivized users and liquidity remain after incentives dry up?

Building the product and growing the DexGuru user base provides a long-lasting effect on protocol usage. More experienced traders well-equipped with advanced analytics extend the market and make it more sustainable in the long term perspective.

Over what period of time will the tokens be distributed?

The incentive period will be between 6-12 months.

How much will your project match in co-incentives?

GuruDAO is still in a pre-DAO stage and the $GURU token is not yet issued. $GURU token may be added upon a decision from GuruDAO .


I do like DexGuru, quality project indeed, but the token distribution seems a little weak. Not sure how this split 50/30/20 really benefits the OP ecosystem specifically. Would prefer a more even distribution and some more consideration of catalysts / drivers specific to OP personally. Good to have the project involved though as it’s a high quality project / team


long live optimism vision .good luck for DEXGURU and OPTIMISM.
this is good news partnership between this two projects

I support your proposal. I am a Dex guru user. Dao member. promising project

I have good experience with DexGuru and fully support this proposal

very nice dex guru work cool :smiley:

Some good orderbooks on dex, great UX too…im sure they’ll use OP wisely

very interesting proposal :+1:

yeah i think it would be good idea

To be honest I’m completely disagree, for some reason…

  1. me and many people don’t trust DexGuru because of their dictatorship, you (DexGuru) formed a DAO (in your imagination) but you evem don’t listen to any member of your community and you block(Twitter)/ban(Discord) any opinion that you do not like!!
    I can list AT LEAST 50 people who have been blocked/banned for no apparent reason!!!
    (for Optimism team, not you, cause you will find their wallet and it is not good for that blocked members)

  2. You get a huge percentage of that budget for yourself!!!, can say about 70%, because your marketing and conferences do not have a large audience and practically very very very few attend…
    And of course that few participants in your events are because of your upcoming airdrop, otherwise you are much worse than Paraswap.

  3. The Optimism team can give the budget to real projects that treat their community well, projects that don’t see just their own pockets, but really care about the other projects, decentralization and web3.0 world.

Honestly, These words do not come from personal enmity, I just care about Optimism and don’t like them to spend their tokens for bad projects.

I can prove all my words, just let me know if you want any evidence to prove!

We are Optimistic :red_circle::sparkles:


superb proposal👍 like it

i agree with this guy 70% for DexGuru only 30% for community that really bad. :rage:

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Well, any point made without a valid citation is just word, please provide some source supporting your words.


You are right, but I’m not able to share all of them publicly, It may cause them lost their the possible airdrop.
But I’m def on my word to share all of them to Optimism team if they want me to share it (on private)

For a bit prove their dictatorship, let’s have some reason:

  1. About the screenshot which I attached, He keeps posting it for anyone who asks about the airdrop and its value. While the initial phase of the proposals is about the airdrop and he asked his community to talk about the airdrop, tokenomic, etc!!
  • *I know he asked a bad question, but Nick (founder of DexGuru) send the same gif to much people, I’m also banned from their discord so I’m not able to share more screenshots :slight_smile:
    but you can check the rest in their discord server if he didn’t delete them. *

Although, he bans or blocks them most of time, So lets have some searchs on twitter with keywords to prove it better:

dexguru + blocked:

Dexguru + ban:

*I’m new user so unfortunately I’m not able to send more than 2 links, you can have some more search yourself *

I think it’s enough to prove my words for now, I still can share much strongest reasons to prove them but as I said it is able to have some bad resaults about their privacy their possible airdrop cause it contains a bit personal information and it can be traceable…
They only allowed me to share with the Optimism team because we all trust the Optimism team.


Thank you for sharing, I appreciate that.

I am not following them so cant comment on how they are treating community and also, this is not the right place to discuss that. If users/community has some problem, I am sure that there are different platform to raise their concern, I believe they work on DAO so that would be the first place.

I would like to request you to keep your biased aside and provide your input on the proposal, I see you have already done but how they can improve it, what is that you like to change in the proposal.


You are much welcome!

This is not biase, this is the truth!

  • We’ve already brought up the issues with Dexguru team but what was our answer?! block/ban! :slight_smile:

  • I brought up everything about them here to make it clear for Optimism team, cause it is all about Optimism and their decision!!

Good luck, sir!

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Its okay… I support this proposal


I like and support this proposal.

here’s why i strongly think this proposal should be refused and Dex.Guru should not get any grants from Optimism Collective.
let’s start with that comedic 50% team allocation, to my knowledge grants were to attract more users to optimism ecosystem, Dex Guru already announced their Tokenomics and how VCs and team get their share to build their product. i don’t see any reason Optimism Collective should pay their team and reward them.

let’s talk about the GuruDAO grants for Community, what an absolute joke, this is what their team think about community:
@defiprime : “The idea that community should govern protocols is dumb as fuck.”

let me elaborate on this, Dex Guru team introduced an NFT as a Voting Power Utility to bootstrap their so called DAO, rotate.eth unvailed that about 20-30% of these NFTs were target of sybil attacks:

all of these evidence neglected by dex guru team and they don’t co-operate to fight these accounts, most of us know how rotate.eth played a major role in sybil hunts of Hop Protocol.
so this GuruDAO grant doesn’t mean jackshit before we find out who the hell gonna make it into it, will Dex.Guru team fight these airdrop hunters? because we sure as hell don’t want free OP token in hands of these people.
the neglect from Dex Guru team is to the point that some of us think there’s an insider stuff going on here and they have a total dictatorship in their Discord server and all of the discussions about removing airdrop farmer gets shut down by their team as “airdrop talk”.

20% marketing activities, give me a freaking break invangbi from LobsterDAO almost fell sleep halfway during your Twitter Space because of how boring the host is and it feels more like a job interview than a AMA or whatever the hell you call it.

so in conclusion Dex Guru team wants 100% of that grant to themselves.
the only grant i would give them is hiring an actual UI designer to change that hideous interface, shit reminds me of yahoo messenger.