[DRAFT] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] Dope Wars

Thank you for your support and feedback Dope Wars will be returning with an adjusted proposal in the near future. If you have any questions please feel free to join our Discord server

Project Name: Dope Wars

Author Name: Butterbum.eth on behalf of Dope Wars DAO

Number of OP tokens requested: ?

L2 Recipient Address: 0x90103beDCfbE1eeE44ded89cEd88bA8503580b3D

Relevant Usage Metrics: +21 500 transactions, +18 100 ERC-1155(items of Gear) on Optimism. 4 600 sales on Quixotic with a volume of 100 ETH

Optimism alignment:

Dope Wars is an open metaverse project with a “Play To Own” model, where we envision multiple games and digital environments in our future ecosystem. Dope Wars DAO is run by a community of like minded individuals with a collective determination to striving towards the Dope Wars DAOs vision. In Nov 2021 our first Hustler was initiated from Ethereum mainnet to Optimism network(FLEX Hustler).

Dope Wars decided early on to make Optimism network the home of our ecosystem.

Currently Our open-world 2D MMO (massively multiplayer online) metaverse built on Optimism has one fully completed map for Hustlers to explore, with interiors and more on the way. Hustlers can chat, vibe, and interact with each other on the map while completing quests and playing mini-games. The DOPE MMO metaverse experience will also be the home for launching additional games like entering into the DOPE WARS Game on Starknet.

:point_right: You can learn more about what the Dope Wars DAO is building here

Proposal for token distribution

Dope Wars is a fork of the Loot protocol with a GTA spin. Our Ethereum mainnet DOPE NFT collection has 9 items(GEAR) associated with each NFT. Users are required to claim/initiate the gear which mints the corresponding items on Optimism network as an ERC-1155. This function can only be called once per DOPE NFT.

These items can then be equipped to a character (HUSTLER) to interact with our Dope Wars games. All Hustlers are fully customizable and free to mint without gear on Optimism, allowing anyone to participate in our MMO metaverse.

For more info please check out Dope-Wiki & our GitHub.

Dope Wars was a free mint and has had no formal funding, all treasury funds have come from royalties in secondary sales on OpenSea and Quixotic. Unfortunately we will not be-able to match incentives. We anticipate all incentives to be distributed within 24 months.


You are asking for 1M OP token, can you provide more info on what those transaction represents? just minting or game-play?

I would flip 4th and 1st rewards, whats the point of bridging the assets when the game is not developed properly? So i would reward more in game-play user than those just bridging.

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The amount been asked is way to much! It also looks more like its to be used to fund your venture and its adoption rather then primarily benefiting Optimism.

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The transactions are mixed, it is a combination of equipping items to a character, minting characters, changing hustlers metadata(name,gender,etc…) and Accessories Items. It excludes minting each individual item of gear.

This is a good point, we felt it is important to get most of Dope Wars assets onto Optimism and by encouraging initiations will help with this task. We also want to stay away from a “Play To Earn” model as it’s not sustainable, We are actively pursuing a “Play to Own” model. I will take your thought back to the DAO for discussion in editing those values.

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Thanks for the comment,
Our goal here is to increase users and transactions on Optimism. Can you recommend how we should adjust the proposal in a way to benefit Optimism more?

Thank you, I was just wonder with the amount of token you are asking, if approved, you might be able to give a jump start the project and chain engagement but focusing on only bridging is just one transaction and one time task. If Dope Wars is coming with a proposal that can encourage more chain engagement, i can see this proposal getting approved.

I understand what you are saying. and thanks for the feedback.

We are anticipating the users to have many transactions on Optimism after the initiation. Once users have initiated gear to Optimism they receive 9 separate ERC-1155, each of these items will require a transaction to equip/unequip to/from their character. It also requires transactions to change and customize the metadata of each character eg name, hairstyle…etc

Once all gear has been initiated there will be 2 656 765 440 possible combinations for users to build unique Hustlers.


1M OP is just too much for a project at this stage of development.


Thanks for the comment.
We feel there is justification in the number of OP requested,
At current stage of development Dope Wars metaverse (built on Optimism) is one of the furthest in developing a metaverse game on Optimism. This is an achievement considering Dope Wars DAO has had no formal funding and is completely built by community members around the world.

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I’m a big fan of the Dope Wars project and I think it’s one of the most impressive NFT gaming ecosystems out there, especially as it’s entirely DAO & community built. Kudos to the team for building it this point. Fully support the proposal, and like to see the project evolve and integrate itself more into the OP ecosystem


Dope Wars is indeed dope and a gem for the Optimism ecosystem. However, I think Optimism funding should almost exclusively go to the people building out Dope Wars instead of to the Dope Wars community (NFT holders etc.). Incentivizing game play is also okayish (since you don’t need one of the finite supply original NFTs to play).

Thus I would cut the 60% OP tokens you requested for NFT holders (muuuh pump their bags).

Thanks for the proposal <3


Thanks for your comments and support. We are taking all comments into consideration and reviewing the allocation.

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@OPUser, @ruKawin @madibaa08
We have made changes to the proposal. Please review the amended changes, we have reduced initiation incentives from 60% to 36%.
Thanks again for your feedback.


Hey @Butterbum , thank you for updating the proposal on community feedback.

I see why you are asking for 1M of token, its a huge number but it make sense when I look at the total NFT migration that needs to happen.

On other side, I dont see if this will help with OP growth, and I am no talking about TVL but I am talking about chain activities. Also, you are seeking funding for 24Month which is also good but no one knows what will happen to OP token in two year and you are not gonna use all of them in first 6 month either.

Will it be possible for you and the team to request less amount of token in this proposal, once you feel that tokens are about to exhausted, you submit a new proposal. Benefit here is that, you will have data from the first proposal to support the new proposal and it will give us confidence to approve the proposal.

in the current form, I see 1M of highly volatile token for 24 month for something that is not tested on a bear market. What do you think ?

Thanks for the question,
We believe securing the proposed amount will give developers and community the confidence to join and build whilst knowing the DAO can support them. I agree that we don’t know the future value of $OP but It is difficult to retain good gaming developers long term, this proposed amount would reassure them and allow them to build in a safe environment.

Addressing your concerns over chain activity… With the launch of our game we expect chain activity to rise considerably as most actions will require interacting with Optimism network. Dope Wars MMO game has many exciting avenues being explored and yet to be explored, Our community is ambitious and is on track in executing the first metaverse related game on Optimism. We are very confident that with the release of Dope Wars MMO games we will increasing on-chain activity and create environments for all communities to participate.


Thank you, I appreciate your time and effort in answering all the comment, this brings an positive image of a community your represent. Whether we agree on something or not is different topic but this help in creating a positive environment for discussion which is one of the important pillar of gov.

I am also excited to try the game once it goes live on OP.

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Thanks for those kind words, I too appreciate your time and feedback! and another Thank You for being so active in the whole OP forum your dedication to Optimism is unmatched and you set a great example for all delegates and community members.

Hi @Butterbum, I think I just saw your name on the delegates list.

Are you a delegate?

If so, as this is your proposal are you going to abstain from voting in this phase due to the potential for conflict of interest? Personally it seems wrong if a delegate entrusted with thousands of votes was to sign off on their own proposal.

I want Optimism to shine as an example to other DAOs on how to do governance properly

Hey there thanks for the question.
Yes you are correct I am a delegate, And this has been playing on my mind since I started putting this proposal together. I too agree, that an abstain vote by me on this proposal is the way to go. I’m just not sure how the people delegating to me will react, as most of the OP delegated to me are from Dope Wars community.
I will be in a difficult place if it’s a tight vote, that is foreshore.
My intention will be to abstain from this vote.

i think the tokens they are asking for is a little to much but the proposal overall seems quiet interesting to me . good luck to you and your team in the future !