Proposals Are Difficult To Track On The Forum Due To Large Numbers Of Posts

The Optimism Collective forums sees a lot of traffic – which is wonderful! But the sheer volume of activity combined with the large number of posts in [DRAFT] or [REVIEW] stages means that it can be difficult to ensure delegates and voters find all upcoming proposals.

Specifically, there is not an easy way to sort posts to consistently and quickly see all proposals that are seeking feedback or coming up for a vote. Even sorting by “latest” or by a category often returns mostly threads that are dated, locked, or simply not active proposals.

We would like to request that some solution is created for this. One possibility is simply a separate forum where all grant applications can live and be discussed. This would help delegates monitor input from others and track changes. Non-grant proposals could be either marked differently or in a second area.

Another possibility could be to maintain an independent “bulletin board” somewhere that simply lists and links to the threads of any active proposals or drafts seeking feedback. Ideally it would track or report when the text of a grant proposal had changed.

This is also a good opportunity to make it highly visible that there are different categories of governance in whatever solution is adopted (grants being the most common at the moment, but not the only responsibility of Token House).

There are likely other solutions, but we wanted to bring this pain point to the attention of the OP team. Please let us know if there’s any way we can assist with whatever solution you deem best.

CC: @lavande


This makes a lot of sense as the volume can be hard to navigate. As a short term stop-gap, maybe we could separate the “Pending Proposals” into their own category until they are voted on.

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I think this is a great call out for Messari Governor product: It already tracks proposal discussions for Optimism which solves this problem significantly. Happy to discuss further if there is something we miss or ways we can improve our coverage. Tagging my colleagues @tnorm and @raho who helped assessed the Optimism governance recently.


This is helpful. Any way it can also have a column that says the last date the original post was edited?

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Certainly, we have that on our roadmap.

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That would help, but IMO the main reason there was not feedback was the lack of people actively participating on gobernance.

Thanks for flagging this! We had planned to re-organize the forum a while ago but that initiative was delayed for various reasons (one of them being the potential move to a Grants Council.) We will absolutely address these concerns and revamp the forum before Season 3 starts!


I agree! I’m also interested in better documenting the life cycle proposals after they pass, not only before.

Shared my thoughts about that here Proposal execution / implementation life cycle tooling