How to Navigate the Forum

How to Get a Grant

How to Navigate the Forum

  • Updates and Announcements: Find information about community calls, weekly governance summaries, and periodic updates from the Foundation and other partners

  • Policies and Templates: Find proposal templates and the policies that govern the Collective (like the Code of Conduct.) The governance process is outlined in the Operating Manual.

  • Grant Proposals: Reference grant proposals from Voting Cycles 1-11. Starting in Voting Cycle #13, you can see all new grant proposals here as well as reference the process for submitting a grant proposal to the Grants Council.

  • Mission Proposals: Submit proposals to execute a Mission under one of our Collective Intents here. Tag it with the season and Intent # you are submitting under. The template for Mission Proposals can be found here. The process for submitting a Mission proposal is outlined here.

  • Other Proposals: For all non-grant proposals. The Standard Template for non-grant Proposals can be found here. The process for submitting a non-grant proposal is outlined in the Operating Manual.

  • RetroPGF: Badgeholder discussions relating to the allocation of RetroPGF via voting rounds. Includes project nominations, voting rationale, and badgeholder feedback.

  • Token House Governance: General governance information as it pertains to Grants Council operations, voting cycle round-ups, Council nominations and elections, and delegate communcation threads.

  • Monitoring: Data analytics and other analyses focused on accountability for grant recipients and the efficacy of grant distributions. Grant recipients may also post their own program analyses here.