Proposal execution / implementation life cycle tooling

gm everyone, CJ here!

I’m not new to Optimism (been shipping a spacial social game embodiment of OP City for some time now @ Atlantis World) BUT I am new to this forum and recently decided to involve myself a lot more in the governance ops of the Collective!

For the most part, I’ve just been poking around & getting familiar and I have some thoughts…

I understand so far that it seems governance is peacefully co-existing with the much needed stewardship of the Optimism Foundation (which I guess encompasses the group whereby OP Labs exists, ships stuff & accelerates both builders and users within the community). Since I’m guessing, those lines feel blurred, which means that it’s difficult to understand exactly what in the ecosystem is driven by the community or pushed forwards internally. I think clearly understanding which forces are at play in which capacities can be crucial part of moving forwards & empowering the collective.

2 key things that stand out to me:

  • OP holders may remove a director of the Optimism Foundation,
  • The Optimism Foundation ultimately decides whether or not passed governance proposals should be implemented based on arbitrary legal, ideological, security, other reasons

My core Qs here are:

  • What is the role of the Optimism board of directors? Can I find their information publicly anywhere except from 3 introductions posted on the forum here?
  • How hands on are they with actually anything & how much control do they have? Are they voting on some kind of Optimism Foundation mutli-sig, or don’t have such power, if not then where are those funds custodied and/or by whom?
  • Do we have an easy way to track/view/understand the “bounce” or success rate of passed proposals being implemented at the discretion of the Foundation? Would any members from the community to be interested to form a working group on such matters so that we could audit the flow of governance in the spirit of both making improvements & boosting transparency?

I guess that I’m suggesting it could be hugely beneficial to create some tooling that makes tracking the off chain implementation / execution of proposals because I’m wanting to participate more actively but finding it difficult to identify the status of many passed proposals.

The “Governance” category lists “proposal execution” in its description but I could only select rules & processes, voting cycles or delegate updates as filters and delegate updates tag seems inactive. So I’m not sure how to filter such updates around proposal execution / implementation even on the forum. This could also be a barrier to token holders that could actually effectively participate & accelerate the implementation of some proposals here & there pro actively in the wild!

Would highly appreciate both guidance & feedback so that I could pro actively & more efficiently contribute here! Feel free to let me know if you would be interested in forming a working group to explore a topic of this nature or if one is already existing, thanks!


UPD: I found this thread from early Sep Governance Update #4 after searching “reflection period” which I found mentioned as coming up in another thread… I deff think we can improve this flow!