Navigating the Forum

We’ve recently re-organized the Optimism Forum. Below is a navigation guide. As always, please provide any feedback you have or suggested improvements in the comments.

Policies and Templates:

  • Find all persistent governance policies, documents, and templates here

Updates and Announcements:

  • Community governance calls
  • Governance updates
  • Grant updates (grantees should provide updates on their grants here, with a link back to the original proposal)
  • Official Communications (protocols should communicate directly with the community here)

Grant Proposals:

  • All Governance Fund Grant proposals
  • All Season 3 proposals should be tagged as ‘Grants Council’ proposals
  • The cycle of the proposal should be tagged (example: cycle-10)
  • The status of the proposal should be tagged (example: draft, under review). In Season 3, under review means the proposal is being reviewed by the Grants Council.
  • After Council review, the proposal should be tagged as passed or not passed.

Other proposals:

  • For all non-grants proposals


  • Everything related to retroPGF


  • Voting Cycle Roundups
  • Delegate Updates (delegates provide their voting rationale here)
  • Elections (election information and nomination threads)
  • Metagovernance (posts related to the operating structure of the Collective)


  • Everything else :slight_smile:

Feedback: Is it possible to remove “Top” from the main page?

I think this will discourage spam on different posts.

Also given the main activity now it’s RetroPGF it’ll be nice to see it 3rd on the left but that’s just a suggestion.

Fantastic work thank you Lavande!


When checking on mobile, only three topics are identified in all other categories. However, in the case of grant proposals, five topics are identified and take up more space. I guess there are people who care.


The new organisation is excellent. Big improvement.
Thanks for the effort & time @lavande :smiley:
Much appreciated!