Peer to peer delegate endorsements onchain

We’ve launched a new feature enabling delegates with significant voting power to endorse others who, despite their valuable contributions, hold less voting power. This aims to address the issue of voting power concentration among a limited number of delegates.

If you are a delegate with large VP, please consider endorsing a few less visible delegates. All the endorsements are stored onchain. They are attestations utilizing Ethereum Attestation Service.

You can endorse by finding a delegate here and then clicking Endorse button on their profile.

When a token holder is looking to delegate their tokens, we nudge them to delegate instead to endorsees.


Thanks @linda for endorsing some candidates!

cc: @polynya @olimpio @kaereste @lefterisjp


Thank you for putting me as an example of “despite their valuable contributions, hold less voting power”

I don’t know if I should feel honored by my contributions or sad about my voting power. :rofl: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

great tool btw!


LOL, sorry, my intention was to only show how valuable you are to Optimism :slight_smile:

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I am joking, and I know your intentions :heart:


This is actually a pretty elegant and very considerate approach to optimizing and improving governance and rewarding active participation. Absolutely love this.


This is a well thought approach towards distribution of VP and encouraging new participants in the OP Collective Governance. :ok_hand: