Karma - Dashboard showing delegate reputation

At Karma, we are building a reputation system for DAO contributors and we have a dashboard for a number of DAOs showing the most active delegates in that DAO. We just integrated Optimism and wanted to share here with the community. See below

Each delegate also has a profile page showing all the DAOs they are involved in and their voting history and forum stats. Example: Linda’s profile

Each delegate has a reputation score we calculate based on their governance activity (voting on-chain, off-chain, forum discussions). Since Optimism governance hasn’t started yet, we are calculating scores purely based on delegated votes.

The score logic is all open source and is ideally decided by community. We request the core team+community to give us feedback on two things:

  1. Feedback on this dashboard, what else would you like to see
  2. Feedback on algorithm you would like to use for calculating reputation scores of delegates

Hope the community finds this useful.


Dashboards are always cool. Great work. I was not quite active, gov wise, before OP dual gov program, is that why I cant seems to find my profile there?

I am delegate here though and relatively active too.

This is quite good. Now we can see more info on the delegates

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It looks like your address was already there but ens wasn’t working because your reverse resolution hasn’t been setup. I manually fixed it so you can find your profile by ens or eth address now.

Great Idea :100: supporting this!

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Love the idea!

It looks like it is showing my profile under my previous ens name though? The current one should be salatti.eth

Thank you, you are right about reverse resolver of my ENS. Do i need to set it up in order to see the delegated votes to me ?

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Hey, this is interesting - nice to see our name [Flipside Crypto] up there!

It seems it is missing MakerDAO as another Etheruem-based DAO we play in. We are a recognized delegate there with on-chain history of voting.

What are your criteria for the “Members of DAOs” column?

Fixed! We were caching the name, sorry about that.

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Currently, DAOs we have integrated and any snapshot spaces this address belongs to are in that column. I will message you with more details.

That was fast, thanks!

Has submitted related Phase 1 proposal