Governance Weekly Recap

Governance Recap: Week of November 13, 2023

This week marked the end of voting for Special Voting Cycle #16b. This voting process was crucial to decide the working and operations of the Season 5 grants council. Additionally multiple updates on Forum and events keep the community a happening place. We have listed all the key updates for the last week


Voting has concluded for Special Voting Cycle #16b. A total of 7 proposals were being voted upon, dealing mainly with Season 5 of Grants Council. A detailed analysis and description of Special Voting Cycle #16b can be found here - Governance Report: Optimism Special Voting Cycle #16b

  1. Season 5 Intent Budgets:
    This proposal involves allocating up to 9 million OP tokens across four main areas: Technical Decentralization, Growth of the Superchain, Consumer Experience Improvement, and Governance Accessibility Improvement, with an additional 1M OP reserved as an unallocated budget. Proposal Link
  2. Vote on Chain Delegation Program:
    The Chain Delegation Program is designed to enhance governance participation by OP Chains, with a focus on diversifying interests within the Token House and contributing to decision-making processes. Proposal Link
  3. Ratification of Law of Chains:
    This proposal aims to establish protections and principles within the Superchain ecosystem, focusing on user protection, decentralization, and economic autonomy. Proposal Link
  4. Grants Council Reviewer Elections: Growth Experiments:
    This involves electing reviewers for the Growth Experiments Subcommittee within the Optimism Grants Council, focused on fostering growth and innovation in the ecosystem. Proposal Link
  5. Grants Council Reviewer Elections: Builders:
    The proposal pertains to electing reviewers for the Builders Subcommittee, dedicated to expanding the developer base on the Optimism platform and focusing on forward-looking initiatives and projects. Proposal Link
  6. Code of Conduct Council: Member Nominations:
    This involves transitioning the enforcement of the Code of Conduct from the Optimism Foundation to community-driven Code of Conduct Councils, with an emphasis on decentralization and democratization of governance processes. Proposal Link
  7. Grants Council Reviewer Elections: Milestones and Metrics:
    The proposal is for electing reviewers to a committee tasked with overseeing the progress and impact of projects funded by grants in the Optimism ecosystem. Proposal Link

In the Forums

  • Grant Council Changes: @ethernaut decides to step down from Grants council

    @ethernaut who was elected in the Grants Council Builders sub-committee, has voluntarily stepped down from their role. The reason cited by them is selection in another council. The delegate with prior work on Synthetix has also been selected in the Security Council, and wants to contribute to effectively to the security aspects.

    With the vacant position in the Builders sub-committee of the Grants Council, @mastermojo is selected by virtue of being the next candidate in the council elections sequence. [Forum Link]

  • Badgeholder Conflict of Interest Disclosure: The community is actively engaging in discussions about the importance of transparency among badgeholders. This includes addressing potential conflicts of interest, which is crucial for maintaining trust and integrity within the governance framework. In the badgeholder conflict of interest disclosure discussion, badgeholders mention their rationale for voting/not voting for specific projects in RetroPGF voting. [Forum Link]

  • Security Council Ratification: The process of ratifying the initial members of the Security Council is underway. This council will play a crucial role in overseeing and ensuring the network’s security. The ratification vote represents a significant step in structuring the security governance of Optimism. Details about the vote and the candidates are available here.

Network and Technical Updates

  • OP Network Upgrade: The Optimism community is presently discussing a draft proposal for the Canyon Network Upgrade. This upgrade is pivotal for enhancing the network’s performance and scalability, addressing key technical challenges. Community members are encouraged to review and provide feedback on the proposal, which could significantly impact the future of the Optimism network. The proposal and ongoing discussions are available for review here.

Made by the Community

  • Karma New Feature: @mmurthy has introduced a new feature for Karma - peer-to-peer delegate endorsements on-chain. This innovative feature aims to enhance community participation and governance transparency. It allows delegates to endorse each other, fostering a culture of mutual support and credibility. It is aimed at making less visible delegates more recognizable. More information about this feature and its role in community governance is available here.
  • Analysis of Special Voting Cycle #16b: @boardroom(:raising_hand_man:) has published a comprehensive governance report for the special voting cycle #16b. This report provides valuable insights into the proposals, their underlying principle and further details. It is an essential resource for members to understand the implications of recent voting patterns. The full report is accessible here.

Events & Social

  • RetroPGF Pitch Day: @Optimystics has launched the RetroPGF Pitch Games, an innovative event designed to engage the community. This initiative allows members to showcase their projects and ideas, fostering a spirit of creativity and collaboration. It’s a great opportunity for developers and entrepreneurs to gain visibility within the Optimism ecosystem. Full details of the event can be found here. The first session is scheduled for today Monday Nov 20, 2023.
  • OP Delegate Community Call: 31st OP Delegate call will be held on Nov 21 by @michael, here is the forum discussion and the Zoom call link.
  • [Discord] Office Hours: Ask questions about Optimism, discuss latest features and updates on the Optimism Office hours on Nov 22. Add yourself to the event here
  • [Discord] Demo Day: Optimism Discord will host an exclusive Demo Day for BEAM on November 30th 4pm UTC. Add a reminder to the event on Discord

Image by Fuji AR on Optimism Discord