Op Airdrop Rules

The airdrops of OP has been changed???

It means that there only remain 40 million OP for airdrop this year…


In the initial image, it told me that the rest of airdrop will be dropped in the second year(2023).
However, now it changed quietly…


The OP team no longer needs the community, so they changed it at will. Voting is just a useless thing. The OP tokens of the team and investors have been released in large quantities, and they don’t care about the community’s airdrops at all. Maybe the next 19% of the community’s airdrops will also Occupied by the OP team’s mouse barn. The OP team will not listen to the opinions of community members at all now. The promised OP NFT in the first quarter of 23 has not been fulfilled, and the OP quests have not been followed. Obviously, OP has lost a large number of customers, and these customers have basically gone to ARB, because ARB more generous! But the OP is still complacent about his “capital union”, but he doesn’t know that he has lost the most important thing.