Clarification on OP Token Supply

Over the past few weeks, there have been several community questions about the updated Token Supply spreadsheet shared in the “Token Distribution Details” section of the Optimism documentation.

None of the Optimism tokenomics or total OP token allocations have changed. As always, 19% of the total initial token supply is allocated to Airdrops, along with 20% to retroPGF, 25% to Ecosystem Funding (Gov Fund, Partner Fund, Seed Fund, and Unallocated), 17% to investors in OP Labs, and 19% to core contributors. This is described in the pie chart at the top of the OP Allocations documentation here. Any changes to these allocations require approval from Collective governance.

The “Available Supply” line graph shown in the Token Distribution Details section at the bottom of the Allocations page in our documentation has always been an example, for illustration only, and not exact. The recently published OP Token Unlock spreadsheet is also an illustration, and it shows a more detailed view of how tokens might be distributed. These graphs are approximate because the details and decisions around these token distributions are up to Token House governance, Citizens’ House governance, or the Foundation to determine their exact timing.

We apologize for any confusion or alarm this new spreadsheet may have caused. As always, any changes to the overall token allocations must be approved by Collective governance.


No one reply. Amazing.
Token Supply in the Graph shows Users airdrops release in 2 years.
But, in spreadsheet ‘illustration’ shows totally different story that in next four years, only 3.5% will release.
The token for community users is slower and less.
But there is no discuss in Citizens’ House.

I don’t think this ‘illustration’ change is by mistake.
So, please tell us what do you think.
It’s really a big thing about the community.


Stay Optimistic!!!


YES,please tell us what do you think.
It’s really a big thing about the community.


OP L2 faucet!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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OP L2 faucets with increasing rewards with level-ups and XPS would be a good idea. Stay Optimistic!

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Hello, Question about the OP token…since OP has built the Superchain architecture… do entities say Coinbase with Base have to stake OP tokens as validators for their network?

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.The OP team no longer needs the community, so they changed it at will. Voting is just a useless thing. The OP tokens of the team and investors have been released in large quantities, and they don’t care about the community’s airdrops at all. Maybe the next 19% of the community’s airdrops will also Occupied by the OP team’s mouse barn. The OP team will not listen to the opinions of community members at all now. The promised OP NFT in the first quarter of 23 has not been fulfilled, and the OP quests have not been followed. Obviously, OP has lost a large number of customers, and these customers have basically gone to ARB, because ARB more generous! But the OP is still complacent about his “capital union”, but he doesn’t know that he has lost the most important thing.