Onboard Opsheet as the first EVM chain for Starksheet

Hey everyone, I’m the founder of Starksheet, one of the most prominent dapp of the Starknet ecosystem (4k sheets created, 3.5k followers, 20k grants on gitcoin, 30k grant from the EF).

Starksheet is a spreasheet like interface, fully on-chain, that lets the user interact with on-chain data as calling a function in a spreadsheet. The project has been fully open source from the very beginning, see GitHub - the-candy-shop/starksheet-monorepo

The EF granted us to port the initial Cairo project into a solidity one, so as to be able to deploy the same dapp (same UX) into all the eth ecosystem. And here we are, goerli.onsheet.xyz is live since last week (goerli L1), and we know look for the best place to first launch this Evmsheet.


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GM! I took a quick look and I have a question, what are the use cases for this product? I think maybe Builders Grant could be interesting for you, Cycle 15 opens in August so you can take a look here: CharmVerse - the all-in-one web3 space

This kind of Grant is directly with Grants Council so you can contact them on Charmverse directly on your proposal, on Discord (grants Channel) or attending the weekly Grants Council Office Hours on Wednesday 10 am CST https://meet.google.com/vnb-dcye-knm

Have a nice weekend!

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In short the application lets a user make and chain calls to any deployed contract. It’s somehow a mix between the READ/WRITE tab in a block explorer and a regular spreadsheet.

The idea is to make it easy for people to interact with deployed contract, chain calls, etc. without being dev themselves.

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