[Discussion] On-chain Builders Delivering Metrics Data

Very excited about retro pgf 4.

However, there are definitely technical difficulties with presenting and making sure that the results fit in within the requested metrics.

I am currently building an application to assist with quickly obtaining the data for smart contracts.

I would really appreciate your thoughts and feedback on how you are verifying your eligibility for on-chain builders and what metrics aside from the requested you would count as impactful.

Because unforunately the most I can get right now from blockscout api is some aggregate data and only 50 latest transactions


EVM Smart Contract Explorer - Discover and track EVM smart contracts data.

Evm Explorer is part of the Dspyt- into CodeVerse

We are preparing for the retroPGF 4, and we’d like to hear your opinions and advice about Evm Explorer, what would you like to see?

We are going to show Optimism smart contracts data as we’ve already made with Uniswap, ERC20, TokenSets, and others…

Feel free to give feedback on this topic, we will be very glad to hear your opinion!

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Update on Evm Explorer

Integrated Optimism, Base, Zora, Mode Network, Redstone, Polygon to track smart contracts transactions. All you have to do - to paste contract address, choose network and click Submit button

After you click the submit button, you’ll see transactions

Integrated USD Coin data on Optimism

After you click on Optimism button, you’ll see USDC on Optimism Transactions data:

  • Balance in ETH
  • Gas Usage
  • Token Transfers
  • Transactions
  • Average Gas per Transactions