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I was looking at a tally of how many different cryptos were mentioned on social media. Optimism didn’t even make the list. I think “OP” is underreported and possibly mistaken by bots for standing for “Original Poster.” I think OP is also overlooked for having only two characters instead of three or more (ETH, BTC, MATIC). Any thoughts on this?

I think we need to work harder, contribute and grow the ecosystem and Optimism, so that ‘OP’ for everyone means Optimism, and associates with Optimism.

Agree on under-reported in comparison to other chain but this might also happen because they have huge hype of native token “airdrop”.

We are doing relatively well from protocol side with on-going $OP incentives and I only expect to grow even more with OP Citizen house launch,

out of curiosity @Ovetta, could you share this list you’ve made?

my suspicion is that much of what it has to do concerns the sorts of projects (both apps and layers) that typically get a lot of social media play – there might not be a large overlap with our defi-heavy, governance-focused ecosystem

in any case i’m not sure that solving for social media exposure of the OP token is a primary concern at this stage, though it’s certainly worth tracking

Hello jackanorak.

The list is embedded into Reddit’s “Cryptocurrency” subreddit. Here’s a link to it.

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ah, thank you!

fwiw OP’s on there, between AAVE and BAT