Let's act on real campaign of Optimism Summer

After the 1st airdrop, Op community seems to be very quiet.
Can we run a Op summer campaign to bring all the important OP players onboard have a similar event like Arb Odyssey?
I have no doubt that Op will stand out comparing to other layer2 campaign, with much reasonable gas, faster tx speed, and enhanced security feature.
A True Op Summer, LFG!

I think we are already doing it with Phase 0/1 proposal, almost all the approved projects are giving some kind of incentives to on-board new users.


Yeah! The channel #gov-voting-cylce-2 is very active nowadays

You should check it out @Ruby remember that this governance is experimental and we are all building it together with each phase/step


Give people a real reason to care is the best marketing possible. Don’t force it, but if we’re not capitalizing on actual reasons to care – I’m all for it.

Are there cool opportunities for regular users that we could spin a more compelling story around to create an event? Are there existing incentives we could lump together instead of bleeding more OP to draw in ephemeral users?

Create real value. Don’t make noise just to make noise. I favor bringing in new builders and new ideas to bringing in new users. People will start showing up when there’s something worth showing up for


Maybe the fact that they are participating in an experimental and ever growing governance is something worth showing up for. That is value besides airdropping OP tokens

Also, is not real yet but the Soulbound NFTs of the Citizen House will bring another layer of incentives to new users

Fair counter-point. In that case we should create a campaign targeted at good governance members, not regular users. That’s a different audience!

Any move away from printing tokens and spraying them at people is worth considering. Campaigns should at least be targeted for high value users and activities. I’m just questioning the efficiency of the “Give away free stuff and hope people stay” strategy

Each round of that strategy is less and less effective due to dilution. Precision campaigns are probably way cheaper, but equally or more effective

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interesting take, how would you decide this ?

I think the best way to campaign for Optimism is by building great products on top of the protocol. Products that people will love using and will give them a great user experience.

As a founder of a project, we will do our part and all we hope for is from this community is support.

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Treat the incentive targeting like building an airdrop wallet list. Just aggregate wallets that are active in value-aligned governance with other ethereum protocols

Now, WHAT we incentivize is a totally separate problem – but that’s how I’d find them! It seems like people who are already active elsewhere have a high likelihood of being active here.

That doesn’t control for quality of governance ;), which is supremely subjective. I think there’s other ways to get at this too. Perhaps by polling the existing active members to get cohort analysis

You are right but again it will difficult to measure quality.