Linda Xie - Delegate Communication Thread

After 2 years as an Optimism delegate, I’m stepping down on the Token House side. My initial goal was to support Optimism governance during the earliest years and I’m grateful to have been a small part of it. My focus is on building Bountycaster which is built on top of Farcaster so I’ll be contributing full-time to the Optimism ecosystem in a different role. I’ll also remain a badgeholder on the Citizens’ House side until my 2 year mark (in Feb 2025).

I really appreciate all of the wonderful people I’ve met and how much I’ve learned through this entire process. I’ve admired how Optimism governance continued to get better every season with the Collective’s effort and paved the way for a lot of innovative governance systems in the crypto space.

Thank you to everyone that delegated to me over the past 2 years. To continue to support Optimism governance, I ask that you please redelegate your tokens to another delegate here: Voter on Agora.

100% of all compensation I received as a delegate was donated ($32.6k) and I’ll be donating the most recent season compensation once received.

  • $15k (season 1 and 2) to the EFF
  • $4.6k (season 3) to the Internet Archive
  • $13k (season 4) to UC Berkeley Simons Institute family stipend program

It’s been a pleasure to be part of the Token House and I’ll continue to see you all around, just in a different capacity!

cc @lavande @zcf @kent @yitong


Thank you for all your contributions as a Token House delegate shaping the development of the Collective. This is also a good example of the process outlined in the Delegation Resignation Process. Glad to see you’ll still be involved in the Citizens’ House and in the broader ecosystem :heart:


Thanks for all your work as a delegate!!! :muscle:t2:

Initially I delegated my OP tokens to you because I see all the work and contribution to the ecosystem, I’m very aligned with your vision, all of that is reflected in your new project!!

Many successes with Bountycaster, which by the way is very useful to support builders in Blockchain.



Thanks Linda for all you do for the community. Best of wishes

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