[DRAFT] Incentivizing $OP Delegation Via Optimism Quests:

Continuing the discussion from [Temp-Check] - Give Incentives to Solve Voters Apathy:

The Optimism Quests are a learn to earn campaign which allows users to earn free NFTs by completing a series of on and off chain tasks. These have been wildly popular with over 101k unique addresses having completed over 664k quests to obtain these NFTs. In addition they have done over 210ETH in trading volume since they went live in September. This sort of trading volume alone attracts attention even to those unfamiliar with the Quest series, thereby drawing even more participants in to learn about governance and delegation.

My suggestion is to leverage this existing incentives program already in place that has been proven to be an incredibly effective attention getter and use it to increase participation and engagement within Optimism Governance.

Below I have mocked up an example of what this quest could look like.

Introducing the “OP Governooooor NFT” Optimism Quest

Learn about Optimism Governance:
The Optimism Collective consists of the token house & the citizens’ house. As an $OP holder you are already part of the token house and as such have the power to affect change by using your $OP to vote on important decisions related to how we use the $OP treasury, Optimism network upgrades and $OP token inflation adjustments just to name a few.

In order to put this power to good use you as an $OP holder can vote directly by delegating your $OP to yourself or delegating your $OP to another delegate to vote for you. You are still considered an active voting participant in governance regardless of if you delegate to yourself and vote or delegate to another to vote for you.

Complete the quest:

  • Delegate your $OP to yourself or another here
  • Follow @OptimismGov on Twitter
  • Join the Optimism Discord

FEEDBACK NEEDED: There are definitely modifications we would need to make in order to drive the right outcomes like delegation to active participants but wanted to gather community feedback before being too prescriptive. Also @lavande @system not sure what barriers there may be to doing something like this from the OP Labs / Foundations point of view

Example of actual Quix Quest:


I can see this sort of quest being produced by proposals reviewed by the Developer sub-committee council. I’ll come back to this once we have a clear path for how governance will work next season! great idea jrocki!

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Thank you, I appreciate the positive feedback. Lots of opportunities to incentivize via quests.

Just wanted to get the idea out there publicly. As of now something like this is under the purview of the Optimism team

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I like this idea. We definitely need to figure out a way to continuously incentivize delegation.

Thinking out loud, one thing I would like to see is to somehow bring to the front the track record of the delegates before the OP gets delegated, so that users actually feel that their delegate is aligned with them rather than just checking a box to get an NFT.

edit: I think that the above comment might have more to do with the actual delegation flow than the NFT part.