Last Optimism Fractal Event of 2023!

Hey all!

You’re welcome to join the 9th Optimism Fractal meeting today at 17 UTC! :raised_hands:t4:

Optimism Fractal events provide a perfect place to collaborate with innovators, promote your work, and earn awards for growing Optimism. You can join on the event page and learn learn more by exploring, where you can watch videos of each meeting.

After today’s event we’ll take a two week holiday break and return with weekly events on Mondays starting on January 8th. We’d like to share a huge thanks for everyone who made the first few months of Optimism Fractal so special. We’re thrilled with all the progress so far and excited to share many more amazing experiences in 2024.

We hope to see you at today’s event where we’ll close out the year with an awesome Respect Game to grow Optimism! :red_circle: :fireworks:

P.S. You can watch our 7th event where we also played RetroPitches here :wink: :point_up_2:t4: