4th Optimism Fractal Meeting

GM Optimists! :sun_with_face:

You’re invited to join Optimism Fractal on November 13th for a joyful event focused on growing Optimism!

Optimism Fractal features innovative consensus games designed to award public goods creators and foster collaborations on Optimism. Our weekly meetings on Mondays at 17 UTC provide a perfect place to collaborate with talented builders, creators, and innovators in the Optimism ecosystem.

You’re welcome to join Optimism Fractal events here, watch our previous episodes, and explore our blog to learn more about how Optimism Fractal can create profound benefits for the Optimism Collective. We’d greatly appreciate your support in our RetroPGF Grant to help us grow Optimism. Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments below or in our discord.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there :smiley: :sparkles: