L2BEAT - Delegate Communication Thread

Update on what we’ve been up to between December 2023 and April 2024. The list doesn’t include @kaereste’s actions as part of the Grants Council.


Upgrade Proposal #3: Delta Network Upgrade - Voted FOR

We voted in favor of the proposed upgrade as we believe it makes Optimism more accessible and easier to integrate.

Proposal to Reclassify Grant Misusage Enforcement - Voted FOR

We voted for the proposal as we believed it would make grant oversight more effective and streamline the grant review process.

Protocol Upgrade #4 - Voted FOR

After reviewing the proposal and consulting with our researcher, we voted in favor of the proposal.

Protocol Upgrade #5: Ecotone Network Upgrade - Voted FOR

With the Dencun upgrade taking place, it made sense to prepare to adopt EIP-4844 blobs for data availability and activating Dencun L1 extensions. We reviewed the proposed changes and the executable code and voted in favor of the proposal.

Protocol Upgrade #6: Multi-Chain Prep (MCP) L1 - Voted FOR

After reviewing the proposed changes and the associated executable and finding no issues with the implementation, we voted in favor of the proposal.


Request for Proposals - Season 5

In the context of Season 5, we submitted 1 RFP on behalf of L2BEAT and sponsored 2 more.

  1. Onboarding existing communities/organizations to Optimism, solving real-world problems
  2. Interactive Educational Program for Delegates and Governance Contributors
  3. Create Videos about Optimism

Grants Council

L2BEAT’s governance lead @kaereste remains in the grants council for Season 5 and performs all the associated duties.

L2Beat’s Optimism Office Hours

We want to remind to everyone that in order to further our communication with our constituents and any interested party in the community, we’re hosting recurring Office Hours on Google Meets.

The office hours are held every Tuesday at 3 pm UTC/ 11 am EST

During Office Hours, you will be able to reach L2BEAT’s governance team, which consists of kaereste (Krzysztof Urbanski) and Sinkas (Anastassis Oikonomopoulos) and discuss our activity as delegates.

The purpose of the office hours is to gather feedback from the people who have delegated to us, answer any questions in regard to our voting activities and rationale, and collect input on things you’d like us to engage in discussions about.

You can add the L2BEAT Governance Calendar in your Google Calendar 2 to find the respective Google Meets links for every call and to easily keep track of the Office Hours, as well as other important calls and events (e.g. voting deadlines) relevant to Optimism that L2BEAT governance team will be attending or hosting.

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