L2BEAT - Delegate Communication Thread

Update #2


Anticapture Commission - Voted FOR

After having our concerns addressed, we voted in favour of the proposal and we committed ourselves to actively participate in the commission given it’s approved.

Code of Conduct Violation - Voted AGAINST

Given we did not have enough information to make a fully informed decision, we decided to vote against.

Code of Conduct Council Budget - Voted FOR

Even though we are a bit sceptical about the effectiveness of the proposes code of conduct council, the recent CoC violation vote (see above) made it clear that mobilising the entire DAO for such cases isn’t a sustainable approach. Given that, we decided to vote in favour of the CoC Council.

We also voted in the subsequent CoC Council’s member elections

Security Council Vote #1 - Voted FOR

The implementation of a security council is one of the most important steps towards decentralisation and therefore we voted in favour of its establishment.

Developer Advisory Board - Voted FOR

We voted in favour of the proposal as we’re fully onboard with the idea of having a board with the necessary knowledge to assess proposals for their technical merit and assist delegates with their decision-making in the process.

Ratify Developer Advisory Board Members

Since we voted in favour of the developer advisory board, we also voted to ratify its initial members who were appointed by the Foundation. Although we’re not familiar with all the appointed members, we have confidence in the Foundation’s choices.

Grants Council Operating Budget - Voted FOR

We believe the grants council proved to be effective in Season 4 and we are in favour of its continuation. We subsequently voted to elect reviewers for each of the 3 categories.

Season 5 Intent Budgets - Voted FOR

After seeing the reasoning behind S5 intent budgets and how the data from the respective S4 budgets were taken into account when determining the amounts, we voted in favour of the proposal.

Ratification of Law of Chains - Voted FOR

After participating in the discussion around Law of Chains and having our questions addressed, we voted in favour of ratifying it.

Chain Delegation Program - Voted FOR

Although we have some reservations about chains being delegated tokens rather than obtaining them directly, we believe this program to be a good step forward to getting these chains involved in governance. As a result of this thinking, we voted in favour of the program.

Ratify Security Council Members - Voted ABSTAIN

L2BEAT is appointed as a member of the security council for the second cohort and as such we had to abstain from voting.

Upgrade #2: Canyon Protocol Upgrade - Voted FOR

We voted in favour of the proposed upgrade since we didn’t see anything wrong with it.


Law of Chains v0.1: Full Draft

When the Foundation introduced the first draft of the Law of Chains, we had some questions/concerns regarding some points that were rather vague. We raised those points in the forums and also invited members of the collective to our office hours to discuss the Law of Chains further.

Welcoming Base to Optimism Governance

Onboarding Base is a great step towards the vision of the Superchain and it was definitely exciting to see the announcement. However, we also understand that since it’s the first chain to be onboarded, we must be careful about the precedent we set. To that end, we raised some questions under the original post.

How Base will participate in Optimism Governance

Extending on the topic ahead, we also directed some questions to Base about how they’ll participate in Optimism’s governance.

Anticapture Commission

We participated in the discussion around the Anticapture Commission after it was first introduced and before the relevant voting cycle.

Collecting RFP Input

In Season 5, top 100 delegates will be able to submit RFPs which anyone can apply to. As L2BEAT, we have some ideas in terms of things we’d like to see accomplished, but we’d like to involve the community as much as possible. To that end, we’ve invited the community to our office hours (every Tuesday at 4pm UTC / 11am EST - call link) to collect input on the RFPs