It might be wise to borrow Hop's Sybil attacker list :)

Oh hey, I think this might have already been mentioned somewhere along the way but it would wise to use Hop’s list of Sybil attackers for Optimism as well. For all attackers they go into detail on exactly how it was determined they were an attacker, which I mean is actually very morally important. There lists are freely available on github, and I mean if you want you can reward Hop users/Sybil finders for the work like Hop has done if you don’t just want to rip off their list.

I was reading threw all of there Sybil attack notes and it did seem that a great many if not most were geared at optimism and arbitrum.

Its always good when alot of work is already done for you. Here is a ling to their github: Issues · hop-protocol/hop-airdrop · GitHub


Yes OP needs to use their lists and get rid of the sybil attacks, unless they need to show to someone they have many wallets getting an airdrop…

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