OP testnet coins

Hey everyone, does anyone know what I’m supposed to do with these OP testnet tokens? I don’t even know how I got them.

I’m not sure on the functionality, but I’d double check the contract address and make sure you haven’t been airdropped a scam token. If so, don’t touch it - I’m pretty sure testnet wallet compromises can carry over to other networks.


Oh okay I appreciate that! Yeah my OP network is a disaster. They took all my Op coins about a month ago, they’re sitting in a safepal wallet that’s shared by like 3 or more people. Looks like laundering to me honestly! It’s so annoying! And Coinbase won’t do anything because they can’t go into my wallet. I even said you have my permission, it’s just ridiculous.

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Sorry to hear that. Did you ever find out how your wallet was compromised? This can be a valuable lesson moving forward to prevent it from happening again.

Revoke.cash have a great flow chart for doing some detective work (substitute ETH for OP in this case)

More info in their Twitter thread, here:

PS Nobody here will ever ask you for your seed phrase (akin to sharing your wallet password), and always be cautious of anyone who asks you to sign a wallet message - they can drain your wallet.