Why did the Sybillers get 2nd airdrop?

Hello folks.

I founded the strangest thing - wallets wich were marked as sybill attackers from airdrop #1 somehow got rewarded on airdrop #2 - for me it seems pretty unfair, isn’t it? What do you think?

Also there were some guys selling scripts for Optimism quests and users who used them are pretty obv for me also sybill attackers, and it was rather easy to count them all and exclude from airdrop - but also nobody did it. And I suppose if nobody will highlight that topic they can steal pretty tasty part of latest airdrops from regular, honest users. I don’t like that much, and you?

Please write any thoughts and ways how to fix it, if you think that this situation isn’t normal. Thanks


I have some suggestions in this thread :thread:


Note that unfortunately not all selection processes in Airdrops are perfect, Paraswap tried in their criteria to choose the closest to the reality of frequent users and still made several mistakes.

Perhaps wallets associated with a GitcoinPassport could be taken into account to at least be a factor in determining whether or not it is a bot or not.

Maybe and only maybe.


Feedback on Airdrop #2 can be shared here