How to encourage governance usage instead of Selling- Taken from Reddit Moons

Hey OP Community,

Redditor and Moons holder Gicomo here and I came across your problem and it’s the same exact problem as we have with r/Cryptocurrency Moons, because Moons are very similar to OP (Governance tokens that users get by Airdrop) we have to deal with the same issues.

To solve the miss-usage of Moons we have implemented CC-IP31:

In short this rule says that users can sell up to 25% of their total earned Moons without getting any punishment for their future potential airdrops.

If they sell more than 25% then they will start getting less and less Moons, the floor is 10% of their Airdrop so if I sold all my Moons, and next month I should get 1,000 Moons, I will only receive 100 Moons.

The good news is, If I buy back my Moons, I can get the full Airdrop again.

I think because the two tokens are very similar, OP can benefit from this proposal instead of trying to reinvent the wheel - just take the proposal and implement it because it’s already been tested on Moons.

Happy to help :slight_smile:


makes sense, this is a milder way compared with that from 0xJohn

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We need to stop assuming Airdrop 2 will be for everyone again and start deliberating on who is making impactful public goods.


Maybe future airdrops should be completely unrelated to current token holders. We want to incentivize optimism use, give tokens to people who use optimism.

Everyone here already got plenty of tokens. Give to real users, and voters. Op isnt for bag holding, it will have use cases. It will be on exchanges. It might be on other chains. It will be in LPs.

Make people work for those tokens by using dapps on optimism.

Everyone got plenty and just wants free money. Make people work for OP tokens instead. work=impact=profit.

take the OP as the gas fee, remove eth.

This idea is not aligned with Optimism’s mission whatsoever. Focus on the success of the Optimism network (adoption), and the value will come. Sufficiently low fees, decentralization, and ETH alignment are the keys to adoption

makes a lot of sense, though i thhink hunters can navigate dema ways around it.