[FINAL] Rumbo Optimista - Hacia Ethereum Mexico The Event || Optimistic Road in the way to Ethereum México The Event

As a contributor of @seedlatam for the @Joxes delegation, I have analyzed this mission following the criteria mentioned in this post.

  • The proposal is well-structured and meets the minimum requirements. However, I believe that more details could have been provided regarding the materials they will be working with and how the in-person events will be conducted. I would like to see concrete metrics of the impact achieved and how it benefits the Optimism ecosystem presented at the end of each event.

  • The requested funds are reasonable, and the breakdown is coherent. I want to congratulate you on your reasonableness in this aspect.

  • The proposed scope seems conservative. Knowing the size of the community in Mexico, I believe they could achieve even more impressive results. It is highly likely that they will.

Additionally, I would like to mention the team. I am familiar with the work of Ariello, @brichis, and I am a big admirer of @dmars300 and their work in Criptoversidad. However, as a member of the Latam community, it is widely known that Chuy García, aka Chuy, has defamed, virtually harassed, and doxxed several people in the Latam community. These actions have been carried out publicly in various groups (all their messages are public) and in CT.

Nevertheless, I consider that the rest of the team is doing a great job and has worked hard for the community in Mexico and Latam in general. I am confident that this proposal will have a significant impact on the Optimism ecosystem. Therefore, I am IN FAVOR of this mission.

CC: @Joxes