[FINAL] DAOstar: Governance standards for the Optimism ecosystem

He Josh. I agree with everything you say here. I just don’t think the Mission is the right format for this particular effort. Part of your critical milestone is actually getting Optimism to be a part of this standard. Which, in my opinion, should be an entirely separate proposal for the Optimism Collective, where the entire community can be more involved in the discussion and understand the ramifications, as opposed to being 1 of 30 Mission Proposals where the community’s attention is divided. I also think this standardization effort should be on a more flexible timeline than is allowed by the Mission Process.

That being said, in your critical milestone is:

So, if you manage to convince the Optimism community as well as the communities of “3 large DAOs” before the end of September (the end of Season 4), then I think this grant is deserved. However, the approval of this mission should not be considered approval by the Optimism community to adhere to the EIP-4824 standard. You all should still engage the community (which I understand is your plan) and convince the community (and probably most of all the Foundation) that the EIP-4824 standard is the right move for the Optimism collective. Which, like mentioned above, will probably have to take the format of a standalone proposal in addition to this Mission Proposal. If you don’t manage to do this (and thus are unable to have Optimism publish a DAO URI), then your grant is subject to a clawback (which I will argue for if/when the time comes). So I don’t mind approving this Mission, with that in mind.

^ of course, all of this assumes that this Mission will find the approval it needs (I don’t think I have enough voting power to take you all over the quorum).