DappRadar DAO's participation within Optimism Collective

Warm greetings to the Optimism Collective community. Inspired by Base’s initial metagovernance manifesto, we at DappRadar DAO are thrilled to share our own: a strong statement that emphasizes our journey towards decentralization and a modus operandi regarding our future engagement with Optimism Collective.

Why Optimism as Our First Engagement
For years, DappRadar has been a cornerstone in web3 adoption: getting users excited about promising projects, producing open data and educational resources across different ecosystems, and even maintaining critical node infrastructure.

We are in the process of evolving from a centralized entity to a DAO, with a vision to build the World’s Dapp Store with RADAR and our community. This requires more active outreach with the ecosystem we seek to support.

Inspired by both Optimism’s innovative approach to scaling permissionless, onchain activity (Superchain) and its dedication to funding public goods (Retro PGF), Optimism Collective provides an ideal forum for DappRadar DAO to implement and iterate our DAO-driven initiatives.

Our Vision with Optimism
Our vision in collaborating with Optimism is simple. DappRadar intends to earmark 3% of any Grant received (including our recent RetroPGF 3 award) to re-deploy into:

  1. Growth initiatives (utilizing our network and product to continue increasing education and engagement in Optimism Collective and Superchain) and
  2. Governance initiatives (from participating in Proposals to delegating to aligned individuals and entities)

By engaging with Optimism, we hope to also share learnings, as we progressively decentralize ourselves.

We warmly invite the Optimism community to read our DappRadar DAO Metagovrernance Manifesto and join us in this exciting venture. We’ll work with Optimism Collective and our community to shape how this participation will evolve.